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Gransnet book club - how it works

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Each month, we choose a book, give you the chance to win a free copy, and get the author in for a webchat so they can answer your questions. This is your chance to ask why exactly there's that plot twist in chapter five, what inspired the story, why the publishers chose that cover, how the author goes about writing, how long it took - and indeed anything else you've ever wondered. 


Here's how you can join in

First (if you haven't already), you'll need to register with Gransnet so that you have a username and password and can log in and post on our forums.

We announce what book we'll be doing midway through the month before. That way, there is time for you to enter the draw to win a copy* (or to beg, borrow, steal or buy one) and to read it over the next three or four weeks. 

*Please only apply for a free copy if you can commit to reading it within this timescale and to adding questions and/or comments for the author to the relevant thread on our book club forum.

We'll start the thread as soon as copies have been sent out so do keep an eye out. Oh, and if you are adding a comment or question that gives away any part of the plot, please do make it clear by putting 'spoiler alert' at the top of your post! We send over the questions to the author towards the end of the month.


Our choice of books

We feature a range of contemporary authors and an array of subjects, genres and periods. These are page-turning reads (both fiction and non-fiction) that offer something to talk about, tell us something we didn't know, or make us laugh. 


Previous book club choices

If you're after suggestions of other great reads, look no further than our recommended reads page, a list of what we've featured in the recent (and not-so-recent) past! And if you're after great book for kids of all ages, check out our recommended reads for kids and our recommended picture books for kids.










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