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Book giveaway: The Bucket and The Bag

The Bucket and The Bag

Give your grandchildren the gift of fantasy this Christmas and win copies of The Bucket and The Bag from D.J. Cattrell's children's book series. 10 pairs up for grabs!

The Bucket

Rachel’s bucket has a hole in one side and a jewel in the other. When Rachel first pressed the jewel in the side of the bucket she was just four years old. Smoke came out of it and in the smoke five unicorns pranced lightly onto her hand and off again. It made her smile and cry at the same time.

As her tenth birthday approaches her world begins to change with the arrival of a mysterious silent boy with amazing blue eyes and parents who she never sees. They move in next door their house grows a light green glow and has strange noises coming from it. That is when things started getting really odd. Remember, Minotaur’s are ticklish!

The Bag

When you’ve grown up in a world of danger and adventure, and a daily game of survival with a giant white tiger as your best friend, getting used to the ‘rules’ in this world can be very tricky!

Now Sarah the Adventurer faces a new threat from an old enemy. The powerful Witch ‘The Esmeralda’ wants the bag that Sarah carries and its contents, and she will stop at nothing to get it. If everyone in this world has to suffer then so much the better, the witch will feed upon their pain and gain followers as she goes. Sarah now has to run and do the impossible to protect her family, friends and everyone in this - and every other - world!


D.J. Cattrell trained as a psychiatric nurse, then as a psychotherapist. He left that world to act as main carer for his terminally ill mother, then acquired a degree in performing arts. He helped create and run the New Route Theatre Company, championing new writing and giving aspiring actors new works to try. He has written plays in various genres as well as articles on the world of biodiesel and the relevance of Shakespeare within modern day management and business. He now devotes his time to writing for children, running a small business, and looking after his wife and two children, two dogs, deaf cat and a goldfish. He also runs free story games workshops in primary and secondary schools.

The Bucket and The Bag are published by Pegasus and are available online.

How to enter

Just fill in the form below by 11am 18 December for the chance to win both The Bucket and The Bag.

Usual T&Cs apply.


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