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Book giveaway: Somebody I Used to Know

 somebody I used to know giveaway

To celebrate the paperback publication of Wendy Mitchell's critically-acclaimed memoir Somebody I Used to Know, we have 10 copies of the book to give away.

How do you build a life when all that you know is changing? How do you conceive of love when you can no longer recognise those who mean the most to you?

A phenomenal memoir – the first of its kind – Somebody I Used to Know is both a heart-rending tribute to the woman Wendy Mitchell once was, and a brave affirmation of the woman dementia has seen her become.

Wendy Mitchell spent 20 years as a non-clinical team leader in the NHS before being diagnosed with young-onset dementia in July 2014 at the age of 58.

Shocked by the lack of awareness about the disease, both in the community and in hospitals, she vowed to spend her time raising awareness and encouraging others to see there is life after a diagnosis. She is now an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society. She has two daughters and lives in Yorkshire.

Praise for Somebody I Used to Know:

"I am so impressed" - Michael Palin

"The world could do with more Wendy Mitchells ... This is a book from which we can all learn" - Sunday Times

"Usually the experience of someone living with dementia is lost; known only partially even to their loved ones. The miracle of this work is that it managed to capture the experience, and hold it up for the rest of us to see" – Telegraph

"Fluent, lucid, candid and gallant... This memoir, with its humour and its sense of resilience, demonstrates how the diagnosis of dementia is not a clear line that a person crosses; they are no different than they were the day before" - Observer

"How does it feel to start to lose your memories, your identity? Mitchell tells us in this remarkable book" - Mail on Sunday

Somebody I Used to Know is published by Bloomsbury and is available online and from all good booksellers.

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