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The Toucan Brothers - Tor Freeman

The Toucan BrothersHave you got a plumbing problem that’s driving you round the (U) bend? 

Call on The Toucan Brothers!

No leak is too big, no drip too small for the intrepid and talented plumbing duo, Sammy and Paul Toucan. With their plungers and spanners (and impeccable manners) they keep to town of Tapton ship-shape even when faced with the soggiest of situations.

Then one day a new plumber arrives in town; Flash Rover. He wows the townsfolk with his gadgets and gizmos, and lures business away from Sam and Paul with promises of cheaper prices. It looks like Toucan Bros is going down the drain!

But Flash Rover is a crook, with slap-dash shortcuts and soon the whole of Tapton is flooded as a result of his dodgy doings. Can Sammy and Paul get the unsound hound to pipe down so they can save Taptop from a drenching disaster?

The Toucan Brothers is the new book from the hugely talented Tor Freeman. With a bouncy rhyming text perfect for reading aloud, alongside brightly coloured pictures, this hilarious tale of triumph and teamwork will appeal to children and adults alike. Tor’s technique has created a visual feast similar to Richard Scarry’s Busytown, with the characterisation of Axel Scheffler.

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Tor Freeman was born and educated in London and graduated from Kingston University with a BA in illustration in 1999. Although most of her life has been spent in London, time spent living in California and her mother's home in South Africa have influenced her work today. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Maurice Sendak Fellowship, the last one to be awarded whilst he was alive. Tor currently lives and works in North London. You can find out more by visiting www.torfreeman.com or following her on Twitter: @TorMalore

All our free copies of The Toucan Brothers have now gone - but it is available online and from all good book sellers.