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Kids' book of the month

 The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star - Jill Murphy 

worst witchThe much-loved Mildred Hubble is back, and she's still wreaking havoc at Miss Cackle's Academy.

In the first new story for six years, everybody's favourite disaster-prone witch makes a wish on a shooting star - and to her great surprise, it comes true! 

Trouble is afoot though, as her wish-come-true puppy, Star, proves very hard to keep secret, especially from the formidable Miss Hardbroom...

And when Mildred is bestowed with the honour of 'Lantern Monitor', it's only a matter of time before class sneak Ethel Hallow finds out what she's hiding in her Monitor's holdall!

But, in true Worst Witch style, Mildred and Star win over the teachers in the end, performing broomstick tricks together to win Cackle Academy a brand new swimming pool. 

Jill Murphy has been bringing us Mildred's adventures, and filling the gap for quality fiction for 8 to 12 year olds, since 1974. This latest book brings the magical world of Cackle Academy to a whole new generation of young readers. 

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The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star has a timeless appeal and, as always, Mildred is joined by best friends Maud Moonshine and Enid Nightshade, as well as Tabby the cat. All are brought to life with Murphy's own brilliantly funny black-and-white line illustrations. 

Unfortunately all the free copies have gone. If you did receive a copy, please post your feedback and questions to the author on the thread (which we'll add shortly!)