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Picture book of the month

The Busy Beaver

This month, we are delighted to feature a beautiful book from the multi-award winning series, Life in the Wild, written by international success, Nicholas Oldland. The Busy Beaver is a humorous and contemporary tale that highlights the importance of taking care of our wild places and our friendships.

The Busy Beaver stars a charming cast of characters and includes engaging illustrations from the author himself.

Once upon a time there was a beaver who was so busy that he didn't always think things through. After finding himself on the wrong side of a falling tree one day, the beaver begins to see the error of his careless ways. He's eager to set about putting things right, but will his friends and neighbours believe he's a truly changed beaver?

Nicholas Oldland is also Creative Director of Hatley and designs their range of children's clothes as sold by John Lewis and many other stores. His characters and illustrations are recognised worldwide and appear on many Hatley items, including their vibrant pyjamas!

The Busy Beaver is published by Pikku Publishing and is available online and from all good booksellers.