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5 reasons to love your garden

five reasons to love your garden 

What does fresh air, exercise, stress relief and entertaining the grandchildren all have in common? They are all great reasons to love your garden this season... 


1. Gardening is good exercise 

Maintaining a garden can be laborious work, especially if you have just moved to a new place and inherited an unruly piece of land. The good news is that all that digging and weeding is great exercise - perfect for those who hate the gym prefer to keep active away from others. And what better way to spend some time with your other half, keep fit and get lots of fresh air?   

garden exercise 


2. Just having one helps the environment

  • Plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and give off oxygen.
  • If you live in a congested area, your garden could help with noise pollution. Trees, for example, can help protect against rail, road and air noise pollution.


  • Plants help get rid of bacteria and chemicals from water in the ground.
  • If you're able to grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden, you can significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint because you buy less food imported from other places in the world.


3. It's stress-reducing and could help your social life

Is there anything better than eating outside on a warm(ish) summer's evening? Having a garden or patio means you can invite family, friends and neighbours over without having to clean the entire house or, more importantly, without needing to clean up the mess afterwards. Move the party outside and save yourself the stress of grandchildrens' spillages, accidental breakages and high heel marks on the floors. Just don't forget the sunscreen and hat!  

outdoor eating 


4. Gardening boosts creativity

Planning a garden is all about shapes, colours and textures - as well as timings and maintenance - and makes you think creatively about what you want your garden to look like and how to achieve that. In the world of amateur landscaping, you are an artist whether you prefer planning or spontaneity - or a mix of both. If you put the effort into it, your garden will start to reflect your personality and you'll feel energised by the creative process.  



5. Gardens keep the grandchildren entertained

No matter how large or small your garden is, there will always be something for the grandchildren to get involved with. Whether you're weeding or planting, children are excellent helpers in the garden and <mostly> love to be a part of the process. Plant vegetables together, have sunflower competitions or simply read an afternoon story together in the shade.  

grandchild with sunflower 











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