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Facial serums and how to use them

We're here to sort the oils and moisturisers from the serums and let you know which ones are worth slathering on. Plus, all the information you need on, you know, what they're actually for...

facial serums

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What is a serum?

A light-weight moisturiser, but with added extras (active ingredients), that target specific skincare issues such as blemishes or dullness. Because they're light-weight, the active ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin, making them more effective.


How often should you use one?

Use a little every morning before you put moisturiser on. You may need to wait a while before you see results though - they are meant for continuous use and the effects are cumulative. Also, the longer you use one, the better the anti-ageing results <hurrah>.


Can't you just use a moisturiser?

Well, you could, but for a more targeted effect on your skin care concerns (wrinkles, blemishes etc.) it's best to use a serum in conjunction with a moisturiser.




Lacura restorative multi intensive serum Vitamin E moisture boost facial serum

DD and I have been using the Aldi serum for the last year and both of us keep getting comments about how well we look.

I started using serums some years ago under moisturiser and have tried a fair few - I found Superdrug to be really good.

Buy: Aldi, £3.49

Buy: Superdrug, £2.69




No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced serum Dr Organic Snail Gel Anti-Ageing serum

I am 73 and have used the serum range since it was first introduced. I now use the latest Advanced version which is suitable for more mature skins. I can honestly say it has worked wonders for me.

I must admit I have seen a difference in my skin texture it's clearer and fresher looking. I wouldn't stop using it now I did for a couple of weeks and my skin looked quite dull.

Buy: Amazon, £17.95

Buy: Holland & Barrett, £18.99




Lancôme Advanced Génifique facial serum Estée Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting/Firming serum

I buy them when on offer and often the cheaper brands do not contain as much serum in each tube as Lancôme.

I used to use Estee Lauder serum every night and think it did make a difference to my skin.

Buy: lookfantastic.com, £59

Buy: lookfantastic.com, £56



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