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How to wear leggings


Don't be fooled by the stretchy fabric and elasticated waists - as well as being incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, leggings are more popular than ever before. A great fashion staple, they're versatile, conveniently inexpensive and weather appropriate all year round. Whether you have just discovered this fashion basic or you're a seasoned expert, here's some helpful tips on how to wear leggings from style blogger Chic at any age - and some styles to inspire your next outfit...


Tips on how to wear leggings

Despite their simple appearance, leggings should be approached with a certain degree of caution as they are not always the easiest of garments to wear successfully. The good news is that by following a few straight-forward rules, you can easily avoid any embarrassing sartorial “faux pas”.

  • Fabric is crucial. Cheap or thin fabric should be consigned to the bin or recycled as an extra layer under a wider pair of trousers to add warmth on chilly evenings. Take care that your leggings are not see-through if you are wearing them with a tunic style shirt or dress. 
  • Do not wear them too small. Wearing leggings that are too small will result in the deaded camel toe - and cling to your bum!
  • Choose substantial fabrics. It is worth paying a little extra for quality, preferably with some elastane for stretch and comfort.
  • Leave the short jackets and cropped tops for the teenagers; leggings look much more chic worn with longer tops. Bums should be covered, unless going to the gym - and even then a longer top is more flattering. Tunic tops are ideal as are long line or oversized sweaters. If you want a more formal look, choose jackets or cardigans that are long enough to cover your curves.
  • Avoid clingy tops. Keep them loose. Leggings provide enough cling on the bottom half; you do not want any more on the top half.
  • Dark neutrals are the best colours. Black, navy or dark grey are all slimming tones. If you are feeling adventurous, however, stick to patterns and colours that match your skin tone. 
  • Make sure your leggings are the right length. Full length leggings are the safe choice - just on the ankle is ideal. If you have slim calves, shorter length leggings are a great option for looking chic.

Longer length leggings

Longer length leggings elongate your legs and have a slimming effect - perfect for shirts and tunic dresses where a lot of leg is on show. These works well with black, white and grey outfits - pair with boots and a long cardigan to complete the look. 


Shorter length leggings

Shorter length leggings are great for sunny days when it's still a tad chilly. Perfect for sculpted dresses such as wraps, this length is particularly suitable for those who with slim calves and go very well with heels and wedge shoes. 


Patterned leggings

Patterned leggings may bring up images of dance aerobics classes and rainbow-coloured legs, but they need not look outdated. By pairing them with textured clothing such as knits and complimentary patterns, these types of leggings can really liven up an outfit. For the best results, stick to colours that match your outfit and go with your skin tone.


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