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Travel style - what to wear on a flight

travel style

Forget images of Victoria Beckham floating out of the VIP arrivals in designer togs and towering heels. When it comes to travel style it's about comfort all the way (and all the way back too, presumably). Here are gransnetters' tips on how to tread the line between being comfortable and being stylish when you're on a short or long haul flight.


Wear layers to beat the temperature rollercoaster

First you're rushing to check in, then you're trekking to security and before you know it, you're loitering around the Clinique counter in Duty Free wondering if anyone's noticed the tell-tale sweat patches you can feel soaking through your too-thick jumper.

Then, of course, you step onto the plane and into a climate not dissimilar to the Arctic in summer. The key here is layers - multiple ones, especially if you're only travelling with carry-on luggage and need some extra room in the suitcase.

Try John LewisEast or Oliver Bonas for long-sleeved tops, camisoles and thinner poncho jumpers. 

Gransnetters say:

"I always layer a T-shirt with a nice big wrap-around cardi as I get cold in air-conditioned planes."


Are jeans a good idea on a long haul journey?

travel style

Again, when you're about to get on a plane for hours on end, the bottom line is comfort. When it comes to jeans, some report pinched waistlines, while others are happy to don their denim for a short flight. With changes in air pressure and only a tiny space to occupy, loose clothing will go a long way to ensuring you're not counting down the seconds until you land. But if you're really attached to your Levis, extra comfortable options are the way forward.

Marks and Spencer is a great bet for pull-on jeggings (plus sizes included), while The White Company offer a fabulous range of refined fit jeans. Failing that, you'll find good value jeans with plenty of give in Bonmarché. And if you're really stumped, read our tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans.  

Gransnetters say:

"I don't wear jeans to travel in as I find them uncomfortable, so I wear either loose linen trousers or chino-type trousers."


If the answer is no...wear loose trousers

According to gransnetters, there's a clear winner in the comfy trouser department - the Rohan brand. Designed specifically for travelling, they won't hold your waist in a deathgrip and don't look too shabby either. Also worth a try are elasticated-waist harem pants or a pair of loose wide leg trousers to keep you cool as a cucumber.

Whether it's lightweight harem trousers from John Lewis, linen wide leg staples from Marks and Spencer or chinos from Rohan - did we say that they've received rave reviews from our gransnetters? - you won't be stuck for choice.

Gransnetters say:

"I either wear wide trousers or Rohan ones which have a zipped pocket half way down the leg. These are great for putting sweets in to suck when your ears are popping and your seat belt stops you reaching other pockets."


Pack a pashmina

travel style

This is one of the most useful things you can take with you on your travels. Always, always pack a pashmina in your hand luggage. It'll keep you warm, serve as a pillow... and you can even drape it over your face for an impromptu eye mask if you feel like forty winks.

For a great budget option that will go with everything, try Matalan's classic pashminas. Or how about a beautifully-made scarf from La Redoute? For something lovely, soft and made from 100% wool, John Lewis are our firm favourites.

Gransnetters say:

"It doesn't matter if it is old. It is great for shoulders in aircon and great for rolling into a headrest. It also crunches up into a handbag or rucksack."


Should you dress for the upgrade you want?

It seems that getting a free upgrade is rarer than ever these days, and loyalty to one particular airline looks to be more of a boon than what you're wearing. However, if you do fancy dressing for the seat you want instead of the seat you bought, here's some style inspiration on how to look expensive, especially if you're on a budget.

Gransnetters say:

"Getting a free upgrade is very much a thing of the past. Airlines sometimes ask for people who are willing to take a later flight and will then give them an upgrade."


Shoes, sandals or slippers?

travel style

Catching a flight means endless walking around airport terminals and the inevitable swelling of your feet halfway through your journey. Wear shoes that'll allow for that swelling, i.e. roomy ones, or sandals with adjustable straps. Don't forget to carry a pair of socks in your bag as well, in case you prefer to lose the shoes altogether. Or you could take a leaf out of one gransnetter's book and bring your slippers along with you.

If you prefer to lose the shoes during a flight, try Joules for fleece-lined slippers. New Look offer an excellent selection of moccasins that are easy to pad about in and Hotter is ideal for finding athletic sandals that suit every style and budget.

Gransnetters say:

"For years I travelled in a pair of soft flat leather mules. They were ideal as it didn't matter if my feet swelled a bit."

"My feet always swell on long haul, so I wear my Clarks Un sandals that have velcro adjustments. I have them adjusted quite loose, to allow for swelling."