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Spending too much time online

clockBeing online has become a vital social currency – and most young people, like the rest of us, use technology in a positive and balanced way. But sometimes grandparents become concerned that children are spending far too much time on the internet or plugged into their mobile and games consoles.

The first thing is to determine what constitutes excessive use. This is a matter of judgement but you want to watch out for your grandchild:

  • losing track of time or neglecting to eat or sleep.
  • withdrawal – feelings of anger, tension or depression.
  • always wanting more.
  • arguments, lies, isolation and tiredness.

Most children of course never reach this state - but you may still be worried that your grandchild is spending too much time online to the detriment of schoolwork or going outside, or that their friendships are all based around social networking sites.

What can you do?

  • Set clear boundaries for how much time your grandchild can spend on the internet, mobiles, and other devices when they're with you, and about which games they can play. 
  • Other things you might like
  • Set up Parental Controls and SafeSearch based on their age and maturity to help protect them from accessing inappropriate or harmful content.
  • Move the computer/console/TV into a family room. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open - let them know you're on their side.


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