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Gransnetters reveal the best things about being retired

For those of you approaching the joyous milestone that is retirement, we give you gransnetters' favourite things about giving the working day the heave-ho. And for those of you who are already there, let us know your retirement highlights on the thread.


1. "Not having to take orders from prats."

Buzz Lightyear 

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2. "I took my watch off the day I retired eight years ago and have never worn it since."

watch smash

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3. "Not having to rush. Not doing all the week ahead's ironing/chores on a Sunday evening."

hurry lol

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4. "Being able to go on holiday at a moment's notice."

On holiday

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5. "Meeting friends for weekday lunches, going to exhibitions, the theatre and the cinema..."

ladies who lunch

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6. "Hearing the neighbours scraping the ice and snow off their cars in the winter...and turning over and snuggling back down under the quilt. Cruel but enjoyable."


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7. "Not getting up at 6am in the week. Not going to endless meetings. Not sitting on public transport in rush hour. Not working in the city centre around Christmas and school holidays. Not going on pointless training courses."


rise and shine

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8. "It's 2.10pm. Think I'll watch a film. Cup of tea? Check. Choccy biscuits? Check. Cat on knee? Check. Perfect!"

retired life 

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9. "The feeling of getting up on that first Monday morning and knowing that I would never, ever be getting up for work again - that this lovely, not-having-to-rush-about feeling was forever."

Leo champagne

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Did we miss anything? Let us know your favourite thing about being retired (or what you're looking forward to most) on the thread.










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