Haggis pie recipe

Haggis pie recipe from baggythecrust!

dairy free nut free kids can help can make in advance ok to freeze
Category Meat recipes
ServesAt least eight
Prep timeApprox half an hour mins
Cook timeApprox 25-30 if shallow mins

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Shortcrust pastry (home-made or ready-made)
Baking apples

Handy Hint

I use a large old oven tray for this and keep the pie shallow. It cooks quicker and is great (fabulous in fact) sliced into cold slabs for a picnic or a hiker's lunch.


1. When you have rounded up your haggis, stab it, remove the innards and break it all up.
2. Line a pie dish or tin with shortcrust pastry.
3. Slice raw potatoes thinly as for Pommes Dauphinoise and lie the slices on the pastry base. Sprinkle over a little salt if desired.
4. Peel and slice a cooking apple (tart eating apples are fine too) and layer the apple over the potato.
5. Next put a layer of haggis.
6. You can carry on with more of these layers to suit your pie dish, or keep it shallow for quicker cooking.
7. Lastly break eggs over the pie, as many as desired. I use six.
8. Then cover the pie with another layer of pastry and seal the edges. Make a hole in the top so steam can escape.
9. Bake at Gas 5-6, depending on how your oven behaves.

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From: baggythecrust! on Sun 19-Jun-11 12:24:24 Overall rating: 0.0
So far it has not been possible to domesticate and farm-raise haggises so you have to catch a wild one. That is the only difficult bit. But the pie is still authentic if you buy a haggis someone else has caught.