Easy roasted chicken and veg recipe

Easy roasted chicken and veg recipe from HannahLI

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ServesHowever many you need it to
Prep time15 mins
Cook time45 mins

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Chicken (thighs or breast work really well - whatever you have left will work!)
Vegetables (again whatever you have got, perfect for whatever is in season but I like garlic, onion, peppers, butternut squash, mushrooms, tomatoes and 2 big oranges)
Olive oil

Handy Hint

Perfect for using up leftovers or for preparing earlier in the day.


1. Chop vegetables into chunks (like you would roast potatoes) and throw into roasting pan. Add in quartered orange pieces
2. Season chicken well and rub in garlic into skin before placing in your roasting pan too. Then add plenty of olive oil.
3. Cook at 200C for about 30 mins, then drizzle honey over chicken and squirt one of the orange segments over chicken and veg.
4. Cook for about 15 mins at 220C to crisp chicken off then serve, squeezing the rest of the orange over too. It's delicious and really easy plus tastes great with rice or potatoes!

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From: HannahLI on Mon 28-Jan-13 18:48:27 Overall rating: 0.0
If you take chicken out and add more veg would be perfect for vegetarians too.