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10 of the least romantic gifts ever

least romantic presents

You can picture the scene: sweet music, the glow of candlelight, the heady scent of flowers. He leans over and hands you a gift. Which turns out to be... a set of Pyrex dishes. Whoever said romance is dead was very probably right. Ahead of Valentine's Day, we asked gransnetters what the least romantic gifts they've ever received are. Prepare to be amazed, gobsmacked and very, very puzzled...

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1. Blossoming romance

flowers in a vase

"He once gave me some flowers in bed, which was great...until I realised he had taken them from the vase in the lounge."


2. Feeling fruity

pineapple valentines present

"My ex once bought me a pineapple. No words..."


3. Cereal monogamist

cereal valentines gift

"A box of All Bran...along with a request to sew a button on his shirt."


4. On a roll

rolling pin

"A rolling pin. I looked at the rolling pin and at his head and felt very tempted!"


5. Put a lid on it

toilet gift

"The large, and intriguing parcel, albeit beautifully wrapped, was somewhat disappointing. It contained a new toilet seat."


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6. You're making me blush

toy lobster

"A plastic lobster. He thought I would love it."


7. Bagged a winner

bad valentines gifts

"My husband went on a day trip to Blackpool with his workmates. He rang me in the evening to say they were just about to set off home, and that he'd got me a present. It was a shopping bag."


8. You scrub up well

cleaning gift

"My much-anticipated Christmas present that 'I was going to love' turned out to be a mop and bucket - needless to say he is now my ex-husband."


9. That's pants

woman shocked with present

"My husband gave me a pack of large, white Sloggi knickers."


10.  The leek of it


"I was once given half a leek by an ex-boyfriend. To say I was speechless was an understatement."

What's the least romantic gift you've ever received? Share yours on the thread here.

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