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grandparent grandchild relationship

Many grandparents help out with caring for grandchildren - often to enable parents to return to work.



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relationships after divorce

How and when do people move on? Do they move on? And just how easy is it to fit a new partner into an existing family? 



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grandchildren moving away

"I'm devastated - my daughter seems to live in a dream world. I'm depressed and wonder what my life will be without them."


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divorce later in life

"Not a week goes by without me having feelings of regret...but I also know I made the right choice."



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online dating for over 50s

Whether you're looking for lighthearted fun or a companion, we've got some tips to help you.




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senior couple sex and relationships

From trust, boundaries and how to keep passion in long-term relationships to embracing sex during the menopause.



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