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Mother's Day

mother's day flowersIt's Mother's Day on 6 March. For some an important family occasion, for others a day to pamper daughters/daughters-in-law now that they are mums too - for many a tense build-up wondering whether their children will actually remember at all.

So what does it mean to you? Do you like to be the centre of attention...or do you prefer to duck out of the spotlight (or ignore it altogether)?!

Here gransnetters share their thoughts on Mother's Day and how to enjoy (or indeed survive) it. 

Mother's Day gifts (some tips!)

"Personally, I'd love book tokens, but usually get flowers and chocolates. It's not that they're not appreciated, they are, very much so." numberplease

"Several times I've had vouchers for local beauty salons, but what I'd really like is an Amazon voucher to feed my Kindle. Or a garden token so that I could buy some lovely big pots." Annobel

"I love vouchers to go to a spa with a friend (are you lurking my children?) or to go and have a nice meal. So as long as I get to see my lovely gang I am a happy mum." glammanana

"I've bought an Amazon token for my mum-in-law for Mother's Day to buy a book for her kindle (she has eight children and will get plenty of chocolates and flowers). I've bought my own mum a lovely orchid in a pot. I'd love either of these presents myself but to be honest having the family altogether on Sunday will be the best present of all." Libradi

"In general, I feel we all would just like to be "acknowledged" as Mum - not necessarily by visits or treats, but a simple phone call and/or card costs so little these days and just acknowledges we exist! That shouldn't be too much to ask surely?" Sbagran

Priorities: should sons put mums or wives first?

"I think Mother's Day is just an artificially created day which makes a lot of money. It's how our sons treat us the rest of the year that matters." crimson

"So long as they send you a card with lovely wishes, you should not feel hurt. It should always be wives (and husbands) first." Hunt

"Special attention from sons - positively Freudian! "A daughter's a daughter all of her life, a son is a son till he gets him a wife". I think people should stop looking for trivial things to be offended by." Greatnan

"I don't think there is any difference whether it is a daughter or a son. Where there are small children, I think it is a given that the son has to be there to help his children "spoil" their mum." gracesmum

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"I do think that boys are less good at this sort of thing, but I do not think it means they value you any less - they just think differently. Enjoy them whenever you can and don't get hung up on this artificially created day." Mishap

"There are no shoulds. It's up to each person or family to decide." bagitha

"I think Mother's day should be about fathers teaching kids to show appreciation of their mothers." JessM

"It is said a good son makes a good husband, but there are limits." Greatnan

"I have always put my mother or my mother-in-law first on Mother's Day. Sadly my mum emigrated a few years after I was married so mother-in-law became the priority, even though it meant travelling 100 miles and a weekend away to be with her… Perhaps I was just brought up to respect my elders and they were the important members of the family to be treated best on Mother's Day." chocolatepudding

"It's not unreasonable to feel good if your offspring remember you on Mother's Day, after all, it doesn't matter what age your sons and daughters become, they are still your beloved children to you - that never changes. I think some children are so used to seeing their mothers putting themselves last that they think it's how it should be." sixtiesgirl

Passing the baton

"Mother's Day could be confined to mothers of young children. The reason is this: once daughters or daughters-in-law have children, they become the mothers for whom the current Mother's Day cards and presents and breakfast-in-bed type treatment is designed. We grandmas have had our moment and could move over and leave the celebrations to the younger generation. We know our grown-up children care about us anyway, and if they don't, then a card or chocolates will not change anything." Gmajen

"I think it's time to step back, and this year the limelight should be for my daughter now she has her new twin girls - first time she has been a mum on this special day, and she deserves lots of pampering." Carol

"My eldest daughter and son-in-law are coming here and bringing the grandsons, and I know they will bring a card, flowers and a gift. And it doesn't seem fair. It's her day now more than mine, but what do you do? They just take it for granted that this will happen, like it always does." wotsamashedupjingl

"I struggled with juggling Mother's Day with my mother and my children's desire to treat me, and found it hard. I now tell my daughters it is about them and their children, and I will be happy just having a quiet day, knitting, watching telly and perhaps with a few chocs! Sadly one of my daughters' mother-in-law seems to think it is all about her and insists they see her. It is all about the children not us. We have had our time." nanapug

"I have three daughters and won't be seeing any of them - due, admittedly, to distance. However, I wouldn't expect to see them - they are all mums and it's their turn to be pampered." Gally

Keeping everyone happy

"In an attempt to limit the damage we had at Christmas, Sunday lunch is with my mother, and Saturday night dinner is with two of my three children who are still talking to me, plus granddaughter and daughter-in-law." izzysnanny

"We've accepted an invitation to lunch with my son and his family. I shall be taking my rubber gloves and pinny so that at least I can do the washing up and his partner can have some relaxing time, and my husband can play with the children." goldengirl

"My daughter and I always go out for lunch on our birthdays and Mothers Day." NanaChuckles

And finally...

"Happy Mother's day to all mums, young or old!" Oldgreymare 

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