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Just joined.

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Friendsusan Wed 13-Feb-13 14:45:19

Feeling a bit like a new girl joining a club.

Do you have a special place to start off newbies.?

janeainsworth Wed 13-Feb-13 14:47:13

No not really Susan - I remember feeling like that too.
Welcome sunshine

gracesmum Wed 13-Feb-13 14:48:14

Here is as good as any, so welcome! I think there might be a thread for "newbies" but that is entirely optional. Hope you enjoy being with us and look forward to your posts and getting to know you

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 13-Feb-13 14:48:28

Welcome to Susan and anyone else who has joined us recently - we hope that you will enjoy the site

vampirequeen Wed 13-Feb-13 14:51:41

Just jump in Susan. The water is usually warm grin

baubles Wed 13-Feb-13 14:51:52

Hello Friendsusan I hope you get as much enjoyment from GNet as I do smile

soop Wed 13-Feb-13 14:52:07

Welcome Friendsusan...we were all new at some point. It's a good place to be. There is something to please [or not] every member. smile

Ariadne Wed 13-Feb-13 14:56:39

Hi there susan! Enjoy life

numberplease Wed 13-Feb-13 15:02:22

Welcome Susan brew

janthea Wed 13-Feb-13 15:10:35

Hi there! Join in - it's fun. We don't bite - or only occasionally!

Forzanonna Wed 13-Feb-13 15:18:21

Hi Susan, I'm a newbie of a couple of weeks, mostly friendly place I've found, lots of variation. Think the advice is good - just jump in and enjoy. smile

MrsEggy Wed 13-Feb-13 15:32:16

Hi, I've just joined as well, but am wondering if I am too old for GN (75), my DGC range from 12 to 20, maybe there'll be a need for a Greatgrans Net in a year or two? I've watched for some time before getting courage to take the plunge, but I'm in now!

dustyangel Wed 13-Feb-13 15:56:32

Hello everyone,it's very strange and a bit scary,this new girl feeling! I'm in Portugal, I'm not from Saga Zone but this seemed the right time to introduce myself.I joined at the beginning of January and became addicted straight away.It seems a very friendly place, mostly!

absent Wed 13-Feb-13 15:56:48

MrsEggy Greatnan is a regular poster as a rule and provides an endless stream of jokes but is currently in the air on her way to New Zealand to visit her family. We also have a member called Greatgran and no doubt there are other great grandmothers as well. I seem to recall someone celebrating her eightieth birthday recently and I have a feeling that our oldest member is 85, but I am not certain.

Maniac Wed 13-Feb-13 15:57:32

Welcome Mrs Eggy I'm 6 yrs older than you .My GC are 13 and 12.
This is a great site. Enjoy!

tanith Wed 13-Feb-13 16:01:17

Welcome to our new members I'm sure you'll all fit right in..

Grannyknot Wed 13-Feb-13 16:45:22

Hi everyone and welcome. I'm 64 and not even a grandmother! There's room for all sorts on here. smile.

Friendsusan Wed 13-Feb-13 17:08:53

Thanks for the warm welcome,just off to look around.Chat later.

Galen Wed 13-Feb-13 17:40:35

Well come to all newbiessmile

harrigran Wed 13-Feb-13 17:53:40

A warm welcome all newbies smile

Marelli Wed 13-Feb-13 18:57:21

Welcome everyone - it's lovely to have so many people interested in our Forum! Hope to read more of your posts. smile

Mishap Wed 13-Feb-13 19:00:34

Welcome all! - age does not matter!

annodomini Wed 13-Feb-13 19:13:28

Come on in, newbies. Kick off your shoes put your feet on the hearth and let your hair down. You may think some of us are slightly crazy, but we're also empathic, sensitive, helpful and friendly. And that's just me....grin wink

annodomini Wed 13-Feb-13 19:14:25

Beginning to wish I could edit that last post. Why don't we have an emoticon for 'pinch of salt'?

MaggieP Wed 13-Feb-13 19:38:12

Welcome too, nice to "read" new faces, if you know what I mean!smile