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tinks27 Tue 08-Oct-13 18:58:13

One of my son's has just told me that he has seen a Facebook discussion between his wife and our youngest son's long term partner. I always thought I had a good relationship with this girl and her family. This girl has been saying very unpleasant things about us and our sons - accusing us of being bad parents and being responsible for our youngest son not asking her to marry him(commitment issues according to her). Our DIL is about to have a baby, and this girl is also keen to have a baby. I was very upset to hear this - we are meeting them this weekend when they are staying with our middle son and fiancee(they are marrying soon) and I really still feel angry with her. My husband doesn't know about her comments as I didn't want to upset him.
How shall I cope? I do not want to upset and alienate my youngest son.

whenim64 Thu 10-Oct-13 11:38:23

It takes a bit of wisdom and a firmly shut mouth, doesn't it , tinks? Not that we can always achieve that ideal! grin