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School checking out home before 4 yr old starts school

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dogsdinner Sat 23-Aug-14 09:09:26

A local young mum whose child starts school in September told me that the school sends someone round to her home prior to child starting to look at child's bedroom and the home to get an idea of what the child likes and dislikes. I have never heard of this and my GC starts school next Sep and I am not happy about someone from school checking out my house. Is this the normal these days? The young mum was happy about this but I find it smacks of big brother. What do others feel and have you had experience of this?

BlueBelle Tue 23-Sep-14 18:54:36

Three children and seven grandchildren at various schools here and away and never ever heard of this practice and personally cant really see any point in it. If its prearranged and there are problems at home the house will be cleaned up and children silenced, the very reason abuse is often missed by social workers As the children are to be taught 'in school' surely its much more useful for the child to be visiting the school What is to be achieved by going to the home. wrong judgements could be made it could be a house poor in items but deep in love Really does seem an unnecessary step too far to me.

Teachers should not be expected to act as social workers.

Perhaps the parents should visit the teachers homes many children have been abused at school too

Iam64 Wed 24-Sep-14 08:25:26

It isn't about social work BlueBelle - it's about establishing a friendly link between home and school.

BlueBelle Thu 25-Sep-14 17:55:07

Indeed but a number of posts mentioned the teacher picking up on abuse or ill treatment or even, one mentioned, the lack of books in the home that's why I replied about that

A teacher is not meant to be friends with the parents they should be perfectly capable to meet and greet and put the parents mind at rest at the school which will be the place the children will be in their company- what next the doctor popping in so the child wont be frightened when it goes for its injections or the dentist having a cup of tea round the kitchen table IMO its a total waste of the teachers time and salary, if they have 30 new children to call on, even when making appointments you can bet a few will necessitate more than one visit to find them in and surely their time is more precious