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advertising nonsense "your hair matures from root to tip"

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JessM Sat 04-Apr-15 22:20:17

AIBU to think that this kind of phrase, being used on the TV to advertise hair products for older women, is complete and utter nonsense.
Yes the tips of your hair are older than the roots. But "matures" - come off it. Do the young folk in the advertising agency really think we are taken in by such meaningless statements?

MrsPickle Sat 04-Apr-15 22:31:25

No. Not in this household anyway.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 04-Apr-15 22:38:38

I can't get my head round what that means. "Your hair matures from root to tips...." The tips are older, obviously, so - No! Don't get it.

Haven't seen the advert. Perhaps you need to see the whole thing. confused

Ana Sat 04-Apr-15 22:49:29

I haven't seen the advert either, but it does just seem like ad-people-speak. Obviously 'mature' is one of the buzz words reckoned to sell products to older women (and men)...hmm

absent Sun 05-Apr-15 00:59:07

How completely daft. Apart from the root, hair is dead.

loopylou Sun 05-Apr-15 09:24:26

Poppycock plain & simple- must think we're very gullible!

Charleygirl Sun 05-Apr-15 09:43:32

I rarely see ads nowadays. That is the time I make coffee, go to the loo, decide to find a piece of fruit, feed the cat etc. It would appear that I am not missing much.

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 09:58:49

Maybe the scientists they consulted said that each hair grows from the rootbase, so the tip gets more mature as the hair grows longer. Being admen they interpreted that fact into "your hair matures from root to tip" which is rubbish.

Perhaps we should all demand to get the base of our hair cut off, not the split ends at the tip?

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 10:00:04

Of course, nothing is and no-one is supposed to be OLD these days. Mature is the word.

loopylou Sun 05-Apr-15 10:38:28

So Elegran we ripen with age, like Cheddar cheese tbugrin
And eventually go mouldytbuhmm .......

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 10:47:23

I like to think of my self as a vintage port, maturing with age, getting richer, sweeter and more desirable smile.
( If advertisers can talk a load of B***********s, so can I )

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 10:51:44

Even a vintage port can eventually go vinegary and unpalatable (not you of course, Pompa)

NannyGoat12345 Sun 05-Apr-15 10:57:22

Perhaps the ends of our hair are now vintage?? tbugrin

NannyGoat12345 Sun 05-Apr-15 10:59:02

The hair advert I hate is where that girl with long dark hair says something like 'before it was meh, now it's hellllooooo' Utter stupidity and don't get me started on the Boots advert with the stupid be a sexy lady song..... grrrrrr

glammanana Sun 05-Apr-15 12:17:23

NannyGoat I used that stupid shampoo and my hair came out like an oil slick it was horrendous, shampoo and conditioner straight in the bin and back to John Frieda for me.

loopylou Sun 05-Apr-15 13:30:59

I agree glammanana
Any advert too with that Nicola whatsit (Lewis Hamilton's ex) puts me off completely, my blood pressure shoots up.....
As for shampoo ad which appears to have orgasmic side effects tbuangry!

Ana Sun 05-Apr-15 13:35:53

I recognise the ads you're talking about, NannyGoat and Loopy, but I have no idea what shampoos they're trying to sell! confused

Mind you, I find that with a lot of ads...

FlicketyB Sun 05-Apr-15 16:14:08

I hate all those cod-science adverts whether for hair products, make-up of skincare products. You know 'Our product contains unique fruit-loopery specially developed by our scientists to ensure your skin/hair/lipstick/ nourishes and nurtures you all day long'. Frankly, if its nourishment I need, I prefer to absorb it through my mouth (interior)

loopylou Sun 05-Apr-15 16:18:42

It's impossible to absorb most beauty products through the skin. If we were that porous having a bath would turn us into gloopy jellyfish-like objects!
Equally absorbing just about anything else!
Beauty products just soften or whatever the outermost skin layer.

NotTooOld Sun 05-Apr-15 16:23:09

I hate that ad for home hair dye that Davina thingy does. If she dyes her own hair then I'm a Dutchman (as my Mum used to say).

Ana Sun 05-Apr-15 16:28:22

Yes - same with Cheryl Cole (as was!).

jo1book Sun 05-Apr-15 16:31:13

Apparently, according to someone I know in Advertising, so many ads are made for the international market to save money, hence the incomprehensible nature of many of them to poor little old englanders.

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 16:45:27

It is not that we poor little old Englanders find it incomprehensible, it is that we can tell that it is a load of **** cobblers. I imagine people in other lands think the same.

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 16:48:25

By accident I have discovered how to do something that has baffled posters for some time - post more that two *s at a time. Put two dashes before and after them, as though you are doing a strikethrough. The result is that the *s are underlined. ****

Elegran Sun 05-Apr-15 16:50:17

Ooooooh nice. ****** useful!