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complaint made things worse!

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Jane10 Tue 05-Jul-16 18:47:39

AIBU to expect that a complaint to an energy firm about being on too high a tariff should lead to a reduction not a £65 pcm increase!!

Badenkate Tue 05-Jul-16 18:53:12

Change your energy company! Simples wink

Grannyben Tue 05-Jul-16 19:24:43

Agree with Badenkate, the days when where we had to stay with one company are long gone. I'm with edf and have always found them to be very good. You can put your meter readings in and get an immediate balance and they always email me if they have a cheaper tariff

Jane10 Tue 05-Jul-16 19:39:28

Thanks will investigate. I hesitate to change for fear that it will be a massive palaver leading to no improvement. If I hadn't complained I'd still be on an OK tariff. God knows why they said I should change it!

Luckygirl Tue 05-Jul-16 19:58:11

Just change - I have done it twice now. I went from Npower to GBEnergy to get a much better deal (about £100 less a year); and then when we move we will be back with Npower as they are offering us £100 less again! The process of changing is a doddle and involves no effort on your part!

Jane10 Tue 05-Jul-16 20:28:04

Will Google it all tomorrow. Thanks.

Newquay Tue 05-Jul-16 21:10:59

Have never changed ours-keep meaning to but just never do-shame on me I say.
You've shamed me into doing something about it-is it really that easy? And how do you find who to change to then?

Charleygirl Tue 05-Jul-16 21:50:16

I am also with EDF and I have found them to be very reasonable. I only pay £34 a month for gas and electricity but my house is well insulated.

Newquay it really is easy- you need to have to hand the amount of gas and electricity that you use each year and take it from there. If you have never changed you will find that you may save hundreds.

annsixty Tue 05-Jul-16 22:01:50

We have had smart meters fitted today for both gas and electricity. BG fitted them free and it took the engineer 3 hours as the gas meter had to be moved and re piped.
I have a little gizmo which tells me how much of each fuel I am using at any time and the total for the day. I think I will have to switch it off when CH and the tumble dry etc are on as I imagine it will be quite scary. At the moment it is a novelty.

Badenkate Tue 05-Jul-16 22:03:21

Jane use a comparison site to get an idea of charges by other companies. If/when you decide to change, the company will sort it out for you. It's really very easy

Teetime Wed 06-Jul-16 09:24:29

DH rings our energy company every time our current deal ends and always end us with an even better one - EON.

pettcott Wed 06-Jul-16 09:51:14

Go to money saving expert web site and join their energy club. Will give you the best deal plus whether they get loads of complaints etc. Also will email you when a better deal becomes available. I have changed at least 6 times with no problems.

goose1964 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:56:16

we change every year or so left edf when our fixed rate ended & we're now with Sainsbuys OH used uswitch

GillC Wed 06-Jul-16 09:58:32

I'm with pfp, our monthly payments went down from £84 to just over £50. We have a three bedroomed house, two of us living here. We take our readings once a month, and can see at a glance how much in credit/debit we are. Very easy to change, your new company will do the work once you decide.

Lupatria Wed 06-Jul-16 10:42:58

i've been with british gas for several years and see no reason why i should change.
every time my "deal" comes to an end i get another very good deal from them so there's no point in moving.
i had smart meters fitted a couple of months ago and now my payments are a quarter of what they were last year. don't know why but thankful.
it's the same with my insurance - don't see the need to change them either. i've got good deals for both car and home insurance so there's no need to change.

Lilyflower Wed 06-Jul-16 10:44:53

Change your provider. It is much simpler than it used to be. In fact it is all done by the new provider for you.

We were about to change from British Gas to Sainsbury's as it was going to be much cheaper and the billing and complaints system is good which is really important. However, a check on the Martin Lewis Moneyfacts' utility checking website alerted us to an unbeatable deal for EDF dual fuel and we went with that. We are saving £80 a month. We will change again when it comes to an end.

NPower has had horrendous customer feedback for billing and complaints so I should avoid them until they sort out their new and inefficient computer system. With BT, Sainsbury's and EDF you speak to an onshore, intelligent person who sorts out problems quickly and that is well worth having.

One more piece of advice:- don't switch before speaking to your present provider as if they know they are going to lose your custom they might well give you a better deal. These utilities have no loyalty and no scruples so play them at their own game.

Juggernaut Wed 06-Jul-16 10:57:21

We're with First Utility, our bills are £146 per year lower than when we were with British Gas/Scottish Power.

starlily106 Wed 06-Jul-16 11:33:51

I'm with edf and find it a really good company. I am using the blue price promise, and although I am on a fixed price tariff until a certain date every now and then I am notified that I can get a better price and a different ending date and I change with no problem.I send a meter reading every month, and am told how much my bill will be, and a couple of days later a detailed bill pops up.

Gononsuch Wed 06-Jul-16 12:21:01


Well we got the same as you, 3 bed house just us 2 living there, we are with First our bills are about £81 a month. who are you with, to get bills of £50 a month hmm

missdeke Wed 06-Jul-16 12:22:21

I was with British Gas and although I was in credit, I pay by Direct debit, they wanted to increase my monthly payment. They couldn't give me a reason why so I switched, I now pay 25% less than I did and it was a smooth transition. By the way I changed to Bristol Energy, one of the green, smaller companies, and have been very impressed with them.

lizzypopbottle Wed 06-Jul-16 14:14:44

If only all such transitions were smooth, missdeke. I changed from BT to Sky six months ago and I'm still having frustration with BT. I'm so stressed by it today, I'm ready to explode! 😈

TriciaF Wed 06-Jul-16 14:34:02

Our gas supplier - we have propane - kept putting up the price pm so we wrote and said we were leaving them. Got estimates from 2 other companies which at first seemed better, but they kept adding extras ( vat, placing tank etc, hiring tank, maintenance etc;) The the original supplier came back with a new rate of just over half what we had been paying. Which was a relief as I was dreading the tank changeover.
I daren't tell you how much we pay - it's still much higher than in the UK. Propane is VERY expensive here.
It's worth the effort to change but could have been very complicated.

EmilyHarburn Wed 06-Jul-16 15:09:35

The Citizens advice do help under their energy Best Deal programme.
This page has a short film and information etc. You can get help from your local citizens Advice Bureau if you want someone to guide you who has lots of experience.

Jane10 Wed 06-Jul-16 15:48:27

Well I did it!! I've changed energy supplier to EDF. I seem to have been on the phone for hours but I think its all sorted. Its a massive saving on what Scottish power were charging. Thanks all for supplying the info and the oomph to do something about it.

Badenkate Wed 06-Jul-16 16:34:49

Well done Jane! Here's a little something to help you celebrate wine