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to object to how much TV coverage the Olympics are getting?

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Craftycat Tue 02-Aug-16 19:52:49

I've just looked at next week's Radio Times & in a nutshell BBC are showing nothing but the Olympics all day & every day!OK-I'm not a big fan of watching people run, jump, row etc & I appreciate a lot of people love it BUT does it have to be blanket coverage! There are only a few odd programmes on BBC 4 later every evening not sport related.
We've only just had all that dratted football- luckily we were abroad for the last 2 weeks of it- but it does seem as if sport is the be all & end all these days. Now I love my rugby (2 hours a week on an outside channel during winter months if we are lucky)& I quite like men's tennis so watch a bit of Wimbledon (not on 2 channels at the same time).
However IMHO this is far too much. I never usually watch commercial TV live but record it & whizz through adverts but I may resort to watching it live for 2 weeks.
Luckily I have some very good books on my Kindle too.
Roll on the closing ceremony- I do like a bit of samba!

Maggiemaybe Sun 21-Aug-16 18:41:45

I'd have to have swimming lessons first, NfkDumpling. I don't think they'd let me on board if they saw my doggy paddle. blush

NfkDumpling Mon 22-Aug-16 08:09:58

Doggy paddle is good - it's about all you can do with a life jacket on, you bob so high above the water! DH sails so he 'taught' me and we've had boats for the last thirty years or so. Dinghies for the first fifteen before I got too cumbersome, and although I've capsized a lot in the past, I can only remember actually going in the water three times. Getting wet isn't essential. I love being out on the boat, drifting silently along in the sun with a gentle breeze is pure magic. (we don't do gusty or windy any more!)