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to object to how much TV coverage the Olympics are getting?

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Craftycat Tue 02-Aug-16 19:52:49

I've just looked at next week's Radio Times & in a nutshell BBC are showing nothing but the Olympics all day & every day!OK-I'm not a big fan of watching people run, jump, row etc & I appreciate a lot of people love it BUT does it have to be blanket coverage! There are only a few odd programmes on BBC 4 later every evening not sport related.
We've only just had all that dratted football- luckily we were abroad for the last 2 weeks of it- but it does seem as if sport is the be all & end all these days. Now I love my rugby (2 hours a week on an outside channel during winter months if we are lucky)& I quite like men's tennis so watch a bit of Wimbledon (not on 2 channels at the same time).
However IMHO this is far too much. I never usually watch commercial TV live but record it & whizz through adverts but I may resort to watching it live for 2 weeks.
Luckily I have some very good books on my Kindle too.
Roll on the closing ceremony- I do like a bit of samba!

Anniebach Tue 02-Aug-16 19:59:39

I love watching the Olympics, it's only every four years

tanith Tue 02-Aug-16 20:01:43

I love it too and yes it is only a few weeks every 4 yrs .

Anniebach Tue 02-Aug-16 20:09:21

I am awe of the athletes who work so hard for years and come the Olympics, a few minutes and it's over for them, I use to watch Colin Jackson train, unbelievable the hours for those few minutes

Christinefrance Tue 02-Aug-16 20:26:50

I'm with you craftycat , blanket coverage of sport this year has not suited me either. I know everyone says it's only every four years, that's football, Olympics to say nothing of the Tour de France and Grand Prix. Why is it on every channel. Rant over ( ducks behind sofa )

rosesarered Tue 02-Aug-16 20:31:25

DH will be glued to it all, I will read / go out/ see DGC etc.Sports are not my thing, although I like anything horse related.

numberplease Tue 02-Aug-16 21:00:18

I`ll watch some of the events, but not a lot, I prefer the winter Olympics. What I don`t like is having to record the few programmes I do watch so that everyone else can watch the Olympics, then somehow having to fit mine in whenever there`s a free slot.

ninathenana Tue 02-Aug-16 21:07:18

Is it really that bad. I hadn't realised it would be on most of the day angry

Craftycat Tue 02-Aug-16 21:08:02

Not a problem this time, Numberplease-there's nothing else on TO record anyway!

Pollengran Tue 02-Aug-16 21:15:51

I'm with you Craftycat. I don't like sport (especially Wimbledon and football and golf) but I am not against BBC dedicating itself to it on one channel. It's when the other channels show it and Gardeners World gets bumped off completely I get irate.

I haven't sent a letter signed Mrs Angry yet, but I am getting close to it angry.

Charleygirl Tue 02-Aug-16 21:37:10

I am looking forward to it!

Thebeeb Tue 02-Aug-16 22:23:20

I get cross as Casualty always gets dropped for sport and that and Holby City are the only programmes I look forward to.

I think it would be quite reasonable to put it all on one channel for sport lovers and give alternatives to people who don't enjoy sport. We could all be catered for then.

NfkDumpling Tue 02-Aug-16 22:33:59

I hate sport on television especially track events. And as track events are the easiest to film, that's what we get. People (mostly the men) running round in circles. If, if I do watch a little bit of the Olympics I'd like to see sailing, riding or rowing, but I know this will just be the highlights if I'm lucky.

For me it'll be two weeks of Radio Four and it's repeats or catching up with my reading. Roll on the closing ceremony.

Luckygirl Wed 03-Aug-16 07:49:11

I had not even realised it was Olympic year until a few weeks ago! - such is my interest in sport. How long does it go on for? I might watch a bit of the tennis if I am at a loose end, but otherwise it will wash by me. I guess the BEEB were bound to flood the daytime schedule with this to justify what I am guessing would have been a large outlay.

GandTea Wed 03-Aug-16 08:34:08

We are looking forward to the Olympics.

Here's hoping that the greater coverage will include some of the minor events that don't get as much coverage as the stadium events.

Alima Wed 03-Aug-16 08:57:04

I couldn't remember if the Olympics are on for a fortnight or a month. The closing ceremony is on the 21st August so not too bad! I usually dread the Olympics as we get saturation coverage then I find it is sad when they end as we have been enjoying watching. Looking forward to the diving, gymnastics and dressage particularly.

harrigran Wed 03-Aug-16 09:34:50

I never watch the Olympics on TV, totally boring, I did not watch when the games were in London not even the opening or closing ceremonies.

Anniebach Wed 03-Aug-16 09:40:03

Considering the houses for sale, housing renovations, house moving, cooking programmes etc flooding the tv screen , less than three weeks every four years for the Olympics is fair in my opinion

rafichagran Wed 03-Aug-16 18:06:15

I am looking forward to the Olympics as well. It is every four years so no I do not object to the coverage. If there is something I am bored with, I will, ( weather permitting) sit in the garden with my kindle or go upstairs and watch something else.

numberplease Wed 03-Aug-16 18:15:40

There is Craftycat, My daily dose of Neighbours, Home and Away, Eggheads and Fifteen-to-one!

Deedaa Wed 03-Aug-16 20:51:45

I don't mind the Olympics too much, because it is only every four years and you do get a range of sports, a couple of which I actually like. I did think that Wimbledon was OTT. All afternoon on both BBC channels and then a review of the day's action in the evening! Surely you'd have to be pretty obsessed to watch that much.

stillaliveandkicking Sat 06-Aug-16 22:52:58

Im another one that a dislikes sport on TV with a passion. Thank god for my skybox is all I can say.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 06-Aug-16 22:57:23


merlotgran Sat 06-Aug-16 23:09:26

It wouldn't be so bad if there were some decent alternatives. It's repeats on a loop. Like it or lump it.

ginny Sat 06-Aug-16 23:58:54

I think I might ask for a refund on my license. I won't be watching BBC for the next two weeks.