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felice Wed 10-Aug-16 10:59:41

I recieved a PM from someone here on Friday morning which has made me very angry.
I had posted on the Ryanair site, giving my experiences of travelling with them as a disabled person.
I have posted on the subject before saying the same things.
The PM I recieved asked if I was really disabled or did I just make up a story so I could post on GN.
To all intents and purposes acussing me of lying.
It was not a nickname I recognised as most regular posters will know of my disabilites.
I am a bit angry and at the time thought of sending the PM to my lawyer.
I want to forget it but it has upset me.

Jalima Fri 12-Aug-16 09:52:07

I deleted it from my inbox and my brain!
but if ever there is a next time (I hope not), thank you JessM I will try that.

Katek Fri 12-Aug-16 09:56:39

Wick is north for me and Aberdeen is south!