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felice Wed 10-Aug-16 10:59:41

I recieved a PM from someone here on Friday morning which has made me very angry.
I had posted on the Ryanair site, giving my experiences of travelling with them as a disabled person.
I have posted on the subject before saying the same things.
The PM I recieved asked if I was really disabled or did I just make up a story so I could post on GN.
To all intents and purposes acussing me of lying.
It was not a nickname I recognised as most regular posters will know of my disabilites.
I am a bit angry and at the time thought of sending the PM to my lawyer.
I want to forget it but it has upset me.

miep Wed 10-Aug-16 11:10:44

Haven't flown Ryanair (only Flybe) with my wheelchair; I think everyone on here knows I am disabled. Promise it wasn't me! But I'll keep an eye out for PM's now

Elegran Wed 10-Aug-16 11:13:21

That was disgraceful, felice Have you reported it to HQ?

Katek Wed 10-Aug-16 11:15:23

That's appalling..,,make sure you report it so HQ can track them down. Totally unacceptable.

merlotgran Wed 10-Aug-16 11:16:49

Report it and block the sender, felice

J52 Wed 10-Aug-16 11:25:47

How awful for you. Definitely report it!

ninathenana Wed 10-Aug-16 11:28:02

flowers felice

felice Wed 10-Aug-16 11:29:14

I have, I am not going to name and shame I am sure the person will read this and know who they are.

DaphneBroon Wed 10-Aug-16 11:46:14

Are you thinking this might be someone (even from Ryanair who has "joined" to check you out?
It sounds v suspicious.

annodomini Wed 10-Aug-16 11:50:40

So sad that some perverted people will take advantage of gransnet to get their kicks by making unfounded and damaging accusations. Shame on her/him.

obieone Wed 10-Aug-16 11:56:31

What was HQ's answer?
I suppose this does happen from time to time. A peril of posting on the internet I suppose.

seacliff Wed 10-Aug-16 11:58:59

Quite worrying and upsetting ... hopefully HQ will sort it. flowers

obieone Wed 10-Aug-16 11:59:11

Hang on a minute.

When you say someone here, you mean you received a PM on gransnet?

And when you say Ryanair site, you mean a Ryanair thread on gransnet?
Or do you mean you talked about Ryanair elsewhere on the internet, and a person tracked you down to gransnet? confused

BlueBelle Wed 10-Aug-16 12:28:04

You definitely need to report it no room for trolls on a site we can all discuss things amicable even if we don't agree

felice Wed 10-Aug-16 13:14:07

I recieved a PM from a member of GN, I have posted on here in the past about the really great service I have recieved from Ryanair since traveling as a disabled person.
I have reported it and have just been told I should have reported it and not posted about it in AIBU.
Well thats me told.

Elegran Wed 10-Aug-16 13:18:15

I don't agree with HQ. I think it right to post on here that it has been reported - then any other poster thinking of sending such a PM knows it won't be tolerated.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Aug-16 13:27:03

I don't understand how the collective mind of those at GNHQ works.

Do you think the pm could actually have been from a Ryanair person posing as a GNr? Sounds very intriguing. smile

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Aug-16 13:27:52

Tell us the poster's name. Go on go on gon on!

Stansgran Wed 10-Aug-16 13:27:55

I think you should name and shame. Or at least copy and paste the email on here. I can't imagine why anyone should have the time or inclination to accuse someone of making something up. By the way Felice I didn't know you were disabled from your emails and I follow your posts when I see your name as ,I think , you live abroad. flowers

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Aug-16 13:28:41

This thread will get deleted.

So tell us quickly. smile

Elegran Wed 10-Aug-16 13:48:52

It is not likely to be a Ryanair person doubting felice's word and accusing her of making it up, because she was praising her experience, not complaining.

felice Wed 10-Aug-16 14:00:49

Yes I live in Belguim, well that depends on brexit now and how if the Belgian government continue to pay my disability benefit.
I keep busy thanks to friends and living in the Granny Flat in DDs' house, I have a lot of support from her. I am a retired chef and often still manage to organise large events with other people doing the leg work and me doing the ordering around and the fancy stuff.
Just will say the nickname came from the NW of England and started with a W.
Ryanair have been brilliant when I have flown with them, at this end my bag is even put into the car of whoever is picking me up at the airport.
It is over now, but not happy with HQ response, I purposely did not name on the open forum.

merlotgran Wed 10-Aug-16 14:08:38

I don't agree with HQ either. We're not children and surely the point of an AIBU thread is so posters can air grievances?

dustyangel Wed 10-Aug-16 14:18:44

What a horrible thing to happen Felice. I'm glad that you've reported it but I don't agree with HQ about not posting it on here as someone else could have been upset by a similar one and think that it was just them being picked on.

I did realise that were were disabled as you have always been very open about it. I knew a 90 year old who was always very complimentary about the excellent care that he got from Ryanair too.

LucyGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 10-Aug-16 14:40:09


I think there's been a bit of a miscommunication here. There's no rule against this sort of thread, and it's not a problem (it's certainly not going to be deleted). We're mainly just hoping that, by users getting straight in touch with us when some kind of difficulty arises, we can deal with any issues quickly - that's the main concern. Sorry if it's come across as something else!