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To be fed up with having to produce meals every day?

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Luckygirl Sat 13-Aug-16 10:29:57

I have spent decades planning meals, buying food and cooking for the whole family and now that it is just two of us I have truly had enough of it. Sometimes my mind just goes blank and I think "What the heck can I feed us today?"

OH has a raft of things he does not want to eat (which includes all vegetables and salad and pasta of any kind). I cannot be bothered to produce two different meals, so I either cook what he wants, or what I want and have to watch him groaning and pushing it around his plate with a pained expression. He hates going out to eat.

The whole thing has just become a chore.

Many years ago he did go on a cookery course as the plan was that I would work full time and he part time, but would he take some responsibility for cooking - did this really happen? - no!

I cannot have my favourite food - cheese - because of migraine, so my enthusiasm for producing meals is rock bottom. We are reduced to ready meals a lot of the time.

Am I alone in having had enough of this?

Mojowic Mon 21-Nov-16 18:25:30

I had 60 years of cooking and my husband was disabled do I felt I had to produce nutritious meals but I was often cursing under my breath as I really hated doing it. Now he's gone I'd willingly cook every day but as usual, it's too late.