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to have tear in my eye?

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Elrel Sat 17-Dec-16 14:04:04

I put card through neighbour's doors early this year. The three small boys opposite, in kinship care with their grandmother saw me approach their door and were very excited. I wished I'd had more for them
Today they are rushing about on their scooters, oldest paused when I went to my wheelie bin and yelled to the young man with them, 'Look, she's the one who send us a card, with penguins!' The others beamed at me too. I did so little and they are so pleased. I feel humble and tearful...

Anya Sat 17-Dec-16 14:07:33


Anya Sat 17-Dec-16 14:09:39

I'd be tempted to buy a big box of biscuits and leave it on their doorstep.

They sound like that simple card was much appreciated.

Antonia Sat 17-Dec-16 14:15:39

No, you are not being unreasonable. Some children have so little. I think I would have cried.

NanaandGrampy Sat 17-Dec-16 14:17:16

I think that would be a lovely gesture Anya .

It's the small stuff eh?

Grannyknot Sat 17-Dec-16 14:30:10

elrel I've also had a touching Christmassy experience this week. There are two one bedroom flats next to my house on a Council estate, with a fairly high turnover of single mums and babies in them.

The most recent occupant of the ground floor flat is out to work early, her little man snugly dressed for the cold mornings. He is much the same age as my grandson, about 2. He always gives me a big, dimpled smile when I greet him and his mum, we have never introduced ourselves.

On a whim the other day I bought a beautiful padded hooded jacket from a Mum-2-Mum market, in my mind's eye I saw him bundled up in it, so when I next saw her, I gave it to her. She asked "Do you want money for it?" I said "No, it's a gift".

Came home from shopping a few days later to find a card and a box of Quality Street on my doorstep. Inside the message read "To my wonderful neighbour, with thanks and I hope you have a very joyful Christmas". It was signed "No. 9 and family". smile

Anya Sat 17-Dec-16 14:31:38

GN that's so lovely

Synonymous Sat 17-Dec-16 15:01:32

Elrel I would have been bowled over too, so am not surprised you felt tearful. You still have time to plan something small but thoughtful for Christmas. I don't suppose that there is much spare cash around when there are growing boys with big appetites around and I expect that their Grandmother won't be spending much on treats for herself either. hmm
It is when you have the least that you are given the gift of appreciation. We all take so much for granted nowadays because, on the whole, we have so much.

ninathenana Sat 17-Dec-16 17:13:42

Teary eyed here gn

morethan2 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:17:00

tchsmile lovely stories

sue1169 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:19:22

These are proper 'Christmas'stories❤

rosesarered Sat 17-Dec-16 19:45:35

Elrel you can buy selection boxes very cheaply now (my own DC were always really pleased to get one from an old great Aunt.)You could wrap them and go round with them.

glammanana Sat 17-Dec-16 20:08:59

elrel We have just bought selection boxes from B&M at 99p each for the children at Sunday School about 5/6 wrapped chocs for the little ones to enjoy.

Nana3 Sat 17-Dec-16 21:11:25

Eiral, I would say don't buy cheap, buy something small and age appropriate, inexpensive but not cheap .

Nana3 Sat 17-Dec-16 21:16:42

Your story about the card is heartwarming, bless those little ones.

granjura Sat 17-Dec-16 22:09:40

Hope it's the beginning of a great friendship with that little family. Still time to get something more for the kids before Xmas, even if a box of sweets.

grannyqueenie Sat 17-Dec-16 23:05:02

I'm teary reading this, we all appreciate good neighbours, and all the more so if times are tough and money is scarce. It's so easy to become too self absorbed to notice those around us, but lovely to know that some people not only notice but then go on to act kindly. The true Christmas Spirit is alive and well tchsmile

rubylady Sun 18-Dec-16 02:47:45

And maybe a bunch of flowers for the grandma? tchsmile

BlueBelle Sun 18-Dec-16 05:19:09

No you're not being unreasonable it made me cry .... lovely story I just sent a little autistic boy a present that he wasn't expecting and I m told he's running around in great excitment This is what it's all about...

seacliff Sun 18-Dec-16 06:06:41

So lovely, true Christmas spirit

f77ms Sun 18-Dec-16 07:44:00

Ethel that is so lovely .

My Mum befriended a Pakistani family who lived a few doors away . She felt sorry for them because none of the other neighbours were happy about them moving in . The Mum one day asked my Mum if she would help the eldest boy with his homework on Shakespeare because he was struggling to understand it . It became a regular thing and the boy improved no end . My Mum ended up helping all the children with school work and became good friends with Naz (the Mum) . When Mum died Naz was the first person to come to see me all dressed in white as a sign of respect laden with food she had made for me . The eldest 2 children ( 1 boy one girl) ended up going to university and Naz said it was down to my Mum encouraging and helping them . It still brings a to my eye when I think about people just doing little things which have such a big impact on peoples lives .

Grannyknot Sun 18-Dec-16 07:57:20

elrel I just realised, I meant to comment at the start that your OP is lovely, it reminded me what Christmas is all about.

f77ms Sun 18-Dec-16 08:43:10

Sorry I meant elrel

annemac101 Sun 18-Dec-16 09:37:23

Oh that did bring a tear to my eye. I buy a book each for the children next door ( not expensive) I wrap them up and give them to their mum on Christmas Eve and say that the Christmas Eve elves left it. I feel it occupies them the night before Christmas.

Barmyoldbat Sun 18-Dec-16 09:38:53

This is what Christmas is all about, made me a bit tearful but also inspired me for the future