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To walk out of hairdressers?

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Kateykrunch Fri 11-Aug-17 14:02:55

I eventually found a haridressers and went 8 weeks ago and i was really pleased that the hairdresser understood what I wanted and cut and coloured it just right and with a view to eventsully going lighter and lighter each time so that my grey growth wasn't so obvious on my dark hair, she did some foils and highlights and the colour and she cut and finished it the best I have ever had and it has been just what I wanted. I made another appointment with her for today, but when I got there I was told she was on holiday. The trainee was going to do my hair, there was no qualified staff there, but, she had no idea what had been done before, I found it difficult to explain the technique that had been done before, the trainee said the only way to go lighter was to bleach!, but I had gone lighter with the process 8 weeks ago and just wanted the same again, but she said it was impossible to do without stripping my hair of colour first. So I politely said that I would prefer to just leave it, she asked if I wanted to book for next week with the hairdresser I thought I had booked today, I said I would just leave it, blinking heck.

midgey Fri 11-Aug-17 14:19:28

Pooh hairdressers are a nightmare, you think you have found a great one have one great cut and the next time everything goes pear shaped for some reason. Good for you to be brave enough to walk out.

Ana Fri 11-Aug-17 14:22:35

I think you should swallow your pride (well justified!) and make another apppointment with the first hairdresser.

Good ones are so hard to find, and there could have been a genuine mix-up about your appointment today.

Oriel Fri 11-Aug-17 14:24:21

I feel your pain!

I've had a similar problem. I want to ditch the dye and go naturally grey. I stupidly used an off the shelf colour remover and my hair turned orange!

There was nothing I could do to remedy it so I went to a fairly expensive local hairdresser who said they'd be able to colour it and put highlights in. They did a strand test and I returned to have it done. Well, its been a disaster. The cut was awful - one side much longer than the other and to add insult to injury where the bleach was applied my hair is disintegrating. Since then (less than 2 months ago) I've had it cut four times to try to remove the damaged hair - its gone from below my bra strap to shoulder length and its still not right as its really thin now.

I think you definitely did the right thing in refusing the bleach!

Devorgilla Fri 11-Aug-17 14:58:14

I would book again for the hairdresser who did it first time and see how it goes. It is hard enough to train one up without starting all over again.

Teetime Fri 11-Aug-17 15:41:40

I went for my hair appointment yesterday morning at 9am and stood outside the door Nero's coffee in hand (hairdressers coffee is awful) and no-one came to open the shop. A text appeared Glen is off sick today please ring later for another appointment. This is not the first time including letting me down before my holiday and then getting me to book my Xmas appointment in July. I returned the text saying I had managed to get another appointment elsewhere. So many hairdressers around these days.

FarNorth Fri 11-Aug-17 18:02:48

You were quite right not to let the trainee loose on your hair.

I'd make another appointment with the first hairdresser and see how that goes. I'd mention the disappointment of not getting her, and see what she says.

Coolgran65 Fri 11-Aug-17 18:19:37

I'd also have left, no way letting someone who doesn't know my hair anywhere near it !!

I'd also book a fresh appointment with the existing hairdresser - you were happy with her hairdressing abilities......
Just not happy that the salon did not contact you in advance to advise of her absence and offer you , with their apologies, another appointment.

wildswan16 Fri 11-Aug-17 18:31:37

I might decide to go back to the original hairdresser, but on the other hand - they left a trainee on her own who was clearly out of her depth. It really wasn't her fault that she was put in that position at that stage of her training. I think the salon acted quite badly so might lose a little faith in their overall competency and safety.

Smileless2012 Fri 11-Aug-17 19:09:23

I think hairdressers should have a contact number Katey so if that kind of thing happens they can let you know and give you the opportunity to make another appointment.

I don't blame you for leaving and I can't understand why a trainee was there unsupervised.

Eloethan Fri 11-Aug-17 19:19:43

All the hairdressers I have been to take my mobile no. so that I can be contacted if my appointment can't go ahead.

I think you were absolutely right not to let the trainee do your hair but, since you were so happy with the way the previous lady did your hair, I would definitely make another appointment to see her. For me anyway, a good haidresser is like golddust.

Oriel If your hair was really damaged, you might have been able to make a claim for compensation.

Craicon Fri 11-Aug-17 19:25:50

The salon wouldn't be covered by insurance if the trainee wasn't being fully supervised. I would also have walked out of the salon in that instance.

Oriel Fri 11-Aug-17 20:36:38

I know elothan at the very least I should have gone back to complain. To be honest, at first I didn't realise just how bad it really was till I went to another hairdresser for advice. They'd never seen anything like it from a professional salon. Apart from my hair disintegrating the cut on my long straight hair was nearly 2 inches longer one side to the other! As time has gone on it's just got worse and worse but i feel that I should have gone back to the original stylist earlier on.

All I wanted to do was stop dyeing my hair... I wish I'd left well alone!

Eloethan Sat 12-Aug-17 00:18:43

Oriel I believe that for personal injury you have three years in which you can make a claim.

You may feel that it is too late, or too much hassle, to try to do this and I can understand that.

But I do think, generally speaking, it's important that businesses like this be challenged and, if no apology is forthcoming and suitable settlement reached, possibly taken to Court. Otherwise these people can continue with their negligent practices. Anyway, I think you and anyone who has suffered as a result of such negligence should be compensated for the damage and distress caused.

I do hope the condition of your hair soon improves - I know how miserable it feels when your hair is a mess. Perhaps the other hairdresser you went to can advise as to how to speed up the repair process.

phoenix Sat 12-Aug-17 00:37:28

I have posted before about my 4 hour session with my poor hairdresser when I presented her with dyed dark red hair, having decided to give it all up and go with the grey!

Bleach, wait, rinse, result? A sort of pale apricot. Dry, bleach again, wait, rinse, dry then apply a sort of ash blond, wait, rinse, cut, finish.

As I said, 4 hours. My hair was of course very damaged, but loads of intensive conditioning stuff (applied at home) and it came back into good condition

I decided to give in to the grey because my hair grows incredibly fast, and I was fed up with having roots showing through within 3 weeks of a colour.

I'm now having a bit of fun with pink and purple colours, but ones that just wash out gradually over about 6 weeks.

Will probably only do it during the summer months, I already have a Russell Brown silver ready for the winter.

Anya Sat 12-Aug-17 06:33:39

The only way to lighten is to bleach.

Theoddbird Sat 12-Aug-17 08:55:05

Our crowning glories and we leave in the hands of another and hope they what they are doing.

That salon was definitely in the wrong for leaving a trainee there on her own. Did you question why?

While talking about hair can someone tell me if there is such a thing as silver hair dye? I put ash blond on my grey hair. would love to see what it would look like if I let it grow out grey...

Frannytoo Sat 12-Aug-17 09:00:58

I would go back to the hairdresser who 'understands' your hair. The option of finding another might not be successful.

woo69 Sat 12-Aug-17 09:07:02

There is a silver in the Schwarzkopf Live range

dizzygran Sat 12-Aug-17 09:15:38

Katy you know you did the right thing to walk out. I think I would go back to the original stylist if you were really happy with your hair though. Hairdressers seem to be a law unto themselves.
The horror hairdresser stores bring back so many memories of everything going well for a while followed by disasters. I had gone to a new hairdresser three or four times and was pleased. Made an appointment for an appointment before my daughter's wedding and it was horrific.. The hairdresser was busy and left my colour on too long resulting in a strange grey/blonde colour. His manager was not happy that he was taking too much time on the appointment before me and there was an atmosphere. He rushed my cut and I was devastated. As we were travelling to the hotel that day I had to leave. I went to the 5* hairdressers in the hotel and they managed to fit me in. Nothing was too much trouble. Their colour consultant and stylist were wonderful and my hair looked just right. However I stupidly didn't complain to the original salon (I never went back) and had to pay a small fortune to the hotel hairdresser - but it was worth it.

DanniRae Sat 12-Aug-17 09:21:12

I used to go to a hairdresser who said it was ok to pop in to have my fringe trimmed between hair cuts (I usually do it myself). So in I went - my hairdresser wasn't there so the junior did it. Big mistake! She did it really badly and was about to attempt put it right and I said "No, leave it". One of the other hairdressers did what she could to remedy it. When I went for my next proper appointment my hairdresser said "I see you've been cutting your fringe again" I quite enjoyed saying "Er No - your junior did It!"

radicalnan Sat 12-Aug-17 09:27:25

Trainees have to train on someone, not on me obviously !!!

I feel sorry for her but she was honest enough to give you the option which she should be congratulated for. Leaving her without supervision probably voided their insurance.

ajanela Sat 12-Aug-17 09:36:09

When we are home colouring, it says on the packet, after the first time apply the colour to the roots, leave so long and then apply to the rest of the hair. As I have fairly short thick hair by the time I have it on the roots it is nearly everywhere. I gave up trying and applied it all over from the beginning using a colour lighter than my natural colour, so the grey blended in.

Then my hairdresser explained to me by doing this I was damaging the ends of my hair by frequently applying colour. I then got her to do it and she appplied the colour to the roots and then pulled the colour along strands of my hair and never appling it all over. This results in a very natural look and good condition hair. I also understand why that 2 nd bit is in the instructions for home use.

Hm999 Sat 12-Aug-17 09:58:11

I did fall out with the hairdresser I'd spent ages finding, who hadn't repeated the previous appointments 'success', but used a totally different technique. Went elsewhere, went to more expensive places. I decided this was stupid, and 8 months later, I returned. Nothing was said.
Years later we laughed about it

Hm999 Sat 12-Aug-17 10:00:35

Trainees have to practise on someone, but supervised, and not on someone expecting their qualified stylist. Poor salon management.