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That us GN's have missed out again!

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Kateykrunch Thu 21-Sep-17 09:35:10

Well, they are doing another 'Celebrities type tv programme' where they go off to Italy. Now, I dont begrudge the current mob doing the Celebrities in Camper Vans, but, I am annoyed us lot have missed out again on a trip to Italy. Why were we not asked to go, we would be an interesting bunch and oh so entertaining. I get fed up when some of the 'Stars' say, ooooo, I've always wanted to go there, didn't they ever make enough money to pay for a trip themselves? I do suppose, once we GN's have done our first trip, we will be the 'Celeb's', so I had better watch what I say. (I wouldn't even mind a spell in the 'Big Brother GN House').

M0nica Tue 03-Oct-17 10:13:31

You always need one fully paid up member of the awkward squad to put some grit in the oyster so you definitely need me!

Greyduster Tue 03-Oct-17 18:48:45

Ooh! Will there be oysters too? I'm definitely in!

lemongrove Tue 03-Oct-17 18:57:28

I hope the pounds from the back of the sofa are the new kind, otherwise we won’t be going far.
Will the grit be true grit? 😜
No oysters for me thanks, gaaahhhh🤢

M0nica Tue 03-Oct-17 20:17:55

Oysters with grit produce pearls. Forget eating them, sooner eat a raw egg. Actually, no, probably would opt for the oyster if I had to choose which to eat, at gunpoint.

trisher Wed 04-Oct-17 10:33:23

If there are oysters there has to be champers, I'm sure that's the law.
Someone will have to rush off to the bank with the old pounds- bet I know who will be sent!