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tidyskatemum Thu 01-Mar-18 19:19:31

There are loads of adverts on TV at the moment suggesting prezzies for Mother's Day. An awful lot of them seem to be promoting anti-wrinkle creams. Am I the only one who would be insulted if my nearest and dearest thought this an appropriate gift for me?

Lilyflower Fri 02-Mar-18 16:08:51

I have never had anti wrinkle cream for Mother’s Day but my Clarins cost £70 odd so I wouldn’t complain I’d either of my DC shelled out for that. However, a card and flowers and their company would delight me.

margrete Fri 02-Mar-18 16:19:51

I would be insulted if anyone even mentioned Mother's Day to me because they all know how I feel. It's Mothering Sunday! I don't care what the media call it, the commercial world to whom it is just a big money- earner, anyone else. Mothering Sunday is traditionally the fourth Sunday in Lent, so it hasn't arrived yet. A couple of people, who know what the day means to me, manage to find me appropriate cards. That's what I appreciate.

Magrithea Fri 02-Mar-18 16:49:07

I would be insulted but my mum was delighted when my DS (her DGS) gave her Clarins face cream for Christmas, she would never buy something that expensive for herself and says it reminds her of him every time she uses it!!

jennyvg Fri 02-Mar-18 17:34:01

A friend of mine once was given Oil of Ulay, support stockings & hand cream from her three sons they were only young the gifts had been bought by her husband, I wouldn't have been amused.

varian Fri 02-Mar-18 17:49:38

After my dear Mum died, aged 96, with hardly a wrinkle on her anywhere, my sister and I sorted out her personal effects.

I found a half-used tube of anti-wrinkle cream and thought "if it worked for Mum it might work for me". It hasn't worked.

pamdixon Fri 02-Mar-18 18:11:00

best mother's day present I got many years ago was a tool maker's clamp, which my son had made at school - he told me he didn't know what else to do with it.................

muddynails Fri 02-Mar-18 18:19:07

I'd be disappointed they hadn't stretched to a face lift.

No with the price of creams I wouldn't be insulted, even wise youngsters wear creams these days.

keffie Fri 02-Mar-18 18:50:39

I would be happy to receive them providing it's the brands I use. I think it depends how you are pampering, lotions and potions. I love this

keffie Fri 02-Mar-18 18:52:49

Margritta my late mom was the same as you. I always tracked down Mothering Sunday cards

Theoddbird Fri 02-Mar-18 19:02:54

I would not be insulted. I buy good cream and slap it on twice a day. I would see it as saving me money.

Menopaws Fri 02-Mar-18 19:36:20

I'm a mother 365 days a year and never want special treatment on Mother's Day, just love and respect me that is all the present I need

Jalima1108 Fri 02-Mar-18 19:57:43


Just a couple of bunches of daffodils please
(if DIL is reading this wink)

And your company along with that of DS and DGC.

Jalima1108 Fri 02-Mar-18 19:59:10

and your Mum please

Deedaa Fri 02-Mar-18 20:30:09

L'Occitane do a lovely cream which I've had a couple of sample pots of. It costs £70 so I would love it if DD bought me a jar. As she's as hard up as me it's never going to happen.

Jalima1108 Fri 02-Mar-18 20:37:47

I love L'Occitane hand cream

Jalima1108 Fri 02-Mar-18 20:38:16

and I wouldn't mind just one tiny tube for Mothering Sunday smile

Maggiemaybe Fri 02-Mar-18 21:10:52

I love L’Occitane too. I especially love the Leeds branch where they sometimes hand you a glass of prosecco while you browse. ?

Nanna58 Fri 02-Mar-18 23:00:57

I think I might get this, my dgs, 2 and a half, saw my face on th sunlight the other week and cried " nan, what happen, your face all broken!"?I explained it was just old age!!

Greengage Fri 02-Mar-18 23:12:42

I don't want any presents on Mothering Sunday. I hate the way a religious festival has become a commercial occasion.
If I am given presents for whatever reason (birthdays, Christmas etc.), I am grateful for anything I receive as I think it is so kind for anyone to have wanted to give me anything in the first place.

Patsy70 Sat 03-Mar-18 11:36:03

I was always more than happy with a home made card when they were little, and now I am very lucky that they cook a lovely meal for us. Much prefer their company to expensive presents!

Daisymay1 Sun 04-Mar-18 07:42:22

I don't need presents just hello mum I love you is all that's required x

DiscoGran Sun 04-Mar-18 15:52:06

Jane10, wear them and enjoy them, I say. Wish I got cashmere and jewellery. sad.
One of my SIL's gave me (obviously) charity shop finds wrapped in pretty paper for Xmas.

stella1949 Mon 05-Mar-18 00:24:35

In our family we normally ask what would be appreciated - my daughter often buys expensive toiletries or cosmetics for me and I love them. Anti-ageing creams included ! At 68 I'm not precious about these things , and she always gets me the best brands so I'm not complaining.

Turquoise123 Mon 05-Mar-18 10:41:21

Like Christmas it would be so much nicer without the presents - they just get in the way and, as this chain illustrates , cause problems.

I do make the exception for gifts of time e.g to work on the garden/nice meals for the freezer/home made cakes/doing my mending....oooh a long list of things I would love to be given in this vein...

NfkDumpling Mon 05-Mar-18 21:12:23

I’ll just appreciate it if they remember to buy a card! I have three DC, all married and all three of the other mothers, the in-law ones, are suffering in some way. One has just had a new hip, one is in Guys Hospital with a mystery shadow on her bowel and the other keeps bleeding from mouth and nose and is off to ENT tomorrow. I’m still holding in there, my new knee isn’t booked for another two months! So this year, card would be nice, but they do rather have other things to worry about.