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AIBU to sell my bungalow abroad mid Brexit?

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sundancecowboy Sun 25-Mar-18 09:25:28

Or won't it make the slightest bit of difference?

{Have name changed.} Looking to move back to UK but pondering the wisdom of selling just now.

Local estate agents say the market here is improving. Rental prices are increasing. Tourism is higher than ever.

I'd say our typical 'buyer' is likely early retired and looking for a permanent/holiday home in a safe environment.

I'm in disagreement with my stbexp about some of the photos......and would appreciate some gransnet opinion. Is the kitchen too dated?

annsixty Sun 25-Mar-18 09:48:28

I ask very kindly ,is this a way of getting this property marketed in the UK?
It looks very nice incidentally and kitchen is fine to me.

Iam64 Sun 25-Mar-18 10:08:35

Good question annsixty. Advertising?

harrigran Sun 25-Mar-18 10:09:30

Cheeky, obtaining free advertising.

petra Sun 25-Mar-18 10:10:05

Do you have to sell the property to enable you to move back to the uk?
You mention 'rental' market. If possible, ( from my own experience) please avoid this option.
I let a property abroad that was once my lovely home. What they did to my house was horrendous ( think dog mess in the lounge)
You will be a long way away from this property so will not be able to keep a close eye on things, and property agents lie to you angry
Btw. I think the house looks fine for the asking price.

sundancecowboy Sun 25-Mar-18 10:10:45

Thank you annsixty for your kind comments - good to know the kitchen is fine and everything looks nice.

It's already being marketed in the UK via rightmove as when you are abroad you can do this without going through an estate agent.

sundancecowboy Sun 25-Mar-18 10:15:54

I've copied the idea from mn where you can ask for other peoples opinion to find out if your property looks good as it can be difficult to view your own property objectively.

I wondered about the kitchen as its not very modern and the bedroom picture drives me crazy as I would have tucked the duvet cover in! I'm probably just being picky. blush

I have considered all options I can think of petra but its always good to hear other views/experiences. We have a 50/50 share and need to get our money out to buy separately back in the UK. Although they have recently discovered a huge gas field here which might put prices up but won't be for some time.

Welshwife Sun 25-Mar-18 10:47:06

I think your house looks lovely and if I were in the market to buy in that location would want to look at it. The kitchen and bathroom are fine.
We are in a similar position to you - although our house is not in a state to go on the market as DH is in the middle of a project., creating a room we do not really need,!! Our families would prefer we moved back to U.K. whereas we are happy here and have great healthcare.
I think that many people will move out of U.K. if they wish to and they will have more rights to live in a European country before Brexit is finalised than after. They are actually on a countdown to be able to get their living and working rights. It is cross border working which looks to be a very murky area still.

lemongrove Sun 25-Mar-18 14:21:32

I think it looks lovely, we know that area and like it, if only We could buy it from you ( no chance am afraid.) Good luck though with selling it.

sundancecowboy Sun 25-Mar-18 14:33:55

Thank you Welshwife & lemongrove and everyone who commented. I feel much better about it now.

I'll update if anything happens.

Smithy Sun 25-Mar-18 20:59:35

Just spotted your post, sundance. Interesting as I know someone else hoping to sell their property in a different outskirt of Paphos. I think your bungalow is lovely and seems a good price. Good luck.

sundancecowboy Sun 25-Mar-18 21:14:07

Thank you smithy. I will definitely miss Paphos. grin

Deedaa Sun 25-Mar-18 22:46:32

I think it looks lovely! I could happily move in tomorrow - if only!

Missfoodlove Mon 26-Mar-18 10:11:08

I would include in the details possible rental income, this is important for some purchasers. Also what about Ex pat communities nearby?
Are the kitchen units solid wood? If so this should be mentioned as spraying/painting would be worthwhile
Good Luck.

sundancecowboy Mon 26-Mar-18 14:27:54

Some great suggestions Missfoodlove - I'll suggest those are added. All the doors are solid wood. Plenty of ex pat communities all round. smile

jeanie99 Sat 31-Mar-18 23:56:30

To be honest the kitchen is dated as does what I can see of the bathroom.

If I was purchasing I would factor in the cost of a refit.

Other than that it just needs a lick of paint and most people have their own ideas.

If you are going to rent leave it as is.

Smithy Sun 01-Apr-18 10:07:45

Just leave it as it is Sundance, and I'll have it! I wish! I love Paphos, Ive been quite a few times and if I had a partner I could live there.

jollyg Sun 01-Apr-18 10:45:36

It looks a bit sad with plant plots with stems in them.

A little bit of colour should brighten up any dull corner.

First think folk see on the pix is dead plants, the new buyers can choose what they want.

paint is a personal choice.

You have to look at it with a buyers eye, and take the sentimental comments here , just as what they are!

Im sure you will sell it easily. But I am not an estate agent!!!!!

Good luck .

Situpstraight Sun 01-Apr-18 11:18:04

I’m with Jollyg on this, nowadays you have to dress the property, at least for the photographs, to get people in the door.
clear the personal bits and bobs away, put old garden pots in the shed and just leave out nice ones with healthy plants in them. Lay the table with dinner service and cutlery. Get matching cushions on sofas. Dress the bed and bedroom. Get a friends viewpoint ( the non sentimental view) and then take some good photos to give to your agent.
I’ve sold a few properties and it seems to work.
Unless a property is priced low, buyers will always try to knock the price down to cover the repainting/refurb etc.
Do it all yourself and get the asking price.
With a few tweaks you shouldn’t have too many problems selling.

Welshwife Sun 01-Apr-18 11:51:50

I would rather buy a home which could do with a refurb of the kitchen and bathroom so we could have our own choice of fitments and layout. I have had agents saying to me that it it is not worth redoing these places as most people want to do their own thing. I always look at the layout and possible reorganisation etc if I want it and possible extension if needed - I look past the decoration etc which may or not be to my taste.
A tidy garden is always good as they take a lot of manual work if you want to change those!!

sundancecowboy Sun 01-Apr-18 12:23:04

You are right about the pots - they're all my 'babies' waiting to grow - which they do fast out here - we can redo those pictures - and today is a perfect sunny day to do it.

Lots more of the plants are flowering too.

I totally get the idea that the kitchen and bathrooms are a bit dated and if I was selling in UK they'd be upgraded before going on the market as it's a lot cheaper and easier to do there. Lots of kitchens are not solid wood either so they could be painted - there's a company here that does it - I might consider if it doesn't sell but the good thing about it not selling is that I get to stay here in the sun a bit longer.

There is someone very interested and their apartment sale fell through which again is unusual here as you have to put a 10% deposit down to secure your offer and the sale is normally completed within 4 weeks!

Lisalou Sun 01-Apr-18 17:02:19

I like the kitchen, dated or not. Having said that, I would not do any refurbishments with the intention of selling, you will not make up the investment, and may find, after doing a refit, that the new owners go in and refit it again, to their own taste. it is a waste of time and money to renovate when selling, IMO.

sundancecowboy Sun 01-Apr-18 18:07:51

Thank you for your thoughts Lisalou - its a great size - just not to everyones taste - but then I'm not sure a brand new kitchen would look quite right either!

petra Mon 02-Apr-18 10:09:45

Surveys show that a house is sold, or not, in the first 4 mins of people viewing the outside.
We know that experienced byers will see past anything negative.
I'm not saying that there is anything negative from the outside. But looking at your pics again I would advise to get some colour in the beds and a big splash of colour in the pot. You've got to grab them in that first 4mins, and there's nothing like colour to give that 😳

sundancecowboy Mon 02-Apr-18 10:45:12

Here's a couple of the front that I took yesterday... which is best?

The first - or second? smile