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What is with all these word game threads ?

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Divawithattitude Tue 03-Apr-18 23:22:58

They are clogging up the conversation yet seem so popular with people..................................

lilypollen Tue 03-Apr-18 23:48:24

Drive me mad on other forums I'm on. I go on a community for a reason, not games. I'm sure there are dedicated games forums posters could be on but I've never investigated!

Jangran99 Wed 04-Apr-18 00:00:30

What conversation is that Diva ? If you don't like games then you know what to do.
How can you be sure, Lily , of anything you haven't investigated?
Have you heard of "Live and let live" by any chance?

tassiegran Wed 04-Apr-18 00:35:41

I must admit that all the games annoy me a bit. I like the conversations etc but those forums don't seem to be as popular as games.I don't look at the games myself and when I check for threads say during the past day/hour they are mostly games. I think a lot of us enjoy the interaction of the conversational threads, like having a visit without the bother{smile}

Ailsa43 Wed 04-Apr-18 01:05:54

I've noticed an upsurge in the Game playing. I Have a theory that the games seemed to have been played more than genral chat since it was announced on here not so long agao that all of our conversations are being shown on FB without our permission or in fact for many, without our knowledge.

My theory is that many past forum posters are still coming to gransnet to read, but not post on the chat forum except on the games

I know I certainly rarely post on the forum now since I learned about the FB thing..

..although I don't mind the games

BlueBelle Wed 04-Apr-18 04:45:56

I m the same as you Tassie rarely join in the games this morning when I looked at the threads over night I think more than 14 were game threads
I go on a local forum and it’s just the same no one talks any more just play games so I don’t think your theory is necessarily correct Alisa

Gerispringer Wed 04-Apr-18 05:49:30

Couldn’t there be a separate “active games” section?

Baggs Wed 04-Apr-18 06:00:38

There is an active games section. It's called Games under the Forums title.

If people want to avoid the games threads, I suggest they go to the Gransnet Forums and pick out the areas they don't find irritating, rather than going straight to Active. It's an e tra step but not difficult.

There was another thread about irritations on GN yesterday. Irritable comments clogging up the Active page! Whatever next? ?

sodapop Wed 04-Apr-18 08:29:01

I agree with Ailsa I think comments are more guarded and people are concerned about their posts being made public.

Bathsheba Wed 04-Apr-18 08:51:06

I join in on some of the games threads, but I do agree there are a huge number of them these days - 15 in the Active list at the moment, and I have seen as many as 20 sometimes.
I remember when games threads were in the Other Subjects forum. From memory, I think there were about 8 or 10 games running at a time. Then the dedicated Games forum was created and it all went a bit crazy!
And yes, whilst I agree that it is separate and people can go to other forums if they wish to ignore the games, the fact remains that the games threads are rather dominating the Active list, so I can understand people getting a bit fed up with them if games are not their thing.
Still, they are obviously very popular, so there's little to be gained from complaining about them. You might as well join in, safe in the knowledge that they won't be appearing on Facebook or Twitter any time soon wink

Jane10 Wed 04-Apr-18 09:02:11

Glad it's not just me who's noticed the proliferation of games threads. I can't be bothered with them and never open them. Not much to do about them except ignore them and look for more interesting threads.

Bridgeit Wed 04-Apr-18 11:55:11

I have noticed some of the debate threads are dominated by the same half a dozen or so GNs , it seems to be difficult to join in but perhaps it’s just me.Politcal threads seem to be the most difficult,it feels like a closed shop.

NanaandGrampy Wed 04-Apr-18 12:26:04

It would be lovely to have the ability to select 'no notifications' for threads you're not interested in , so they don't come up on your active feed ..... pipe dream I suspect!

Jane10 Wed 04-Apr-18 12:26:10

I agree Bridgeit but it's a closed shop I don't want to be in! It's so predictable. I just try not to look at those threads any more.

FarNorth Wed 04-Apr-18 12:32:10

If you're on the GN mobile site, you will see a downward arrow (like a v) at the top right of a thread. Click on that and you get the option to hide that thread.

I haven't posted on any political threads lately, but I feel perfectly free to do so if I want. In what way does it seem to be a closed shop?

Bridgeit Wed 04-Apr-18 13:10:14

It appears that a few regulars post daily, then there are a some similar to me who like to join in now & again but are either are ignored ,or perhaps the regulars don’t find our posts to be on the same wavelength & therefore not inclusive .some remark will be made to convey a sub message of you don’t have enough knowledge so your opinion is not welcome here.or perhaps some of us are just sensitive souls .

Bridgeit Wed 04-Apr-18 13:11:05

Thanks Farnorth

FarNorth Wed 04-Apr-18 13:45:07

I hadn't realised that Bridgeit. Maybe I'm a bit dim so I miss a subtle put-down.
If I notice an unsubtle put-down, tho, I can snipe right back at them!
Voting isn't restricted to those with in-depth knowledge so GN politics threads certainly shouldn't be.

BBbevan Wed 04-Apr-18 14:30:01

I find doing the games relaxing.

Marydoll Wed 04-Apr-18 14:43:48

I enjoy them too. It takes my mind off things. Everyone is friendly and I often find myself laughing out loud.
No-one is forced to do them, just ignore them. Courses for horses and all that. smile

MissAdventure Wed 04-Apr-18 15:14:09

I usually play some of the games when other threads are a bit too 'heavy'.

Gerispringer Thu 05-Apr-18 06:38:07

Thank you farnorth for pointing out that you can hide games( or any other ) threads. I’ve now hidden about 12 of them so have a games free active list for the moment. It would make it easier if those who aren’t interested in games could hide the whole games forum.

Marmight Thu 05-Apr-18 07:05:52

Well, I dont like knitting or politics or come to that quite a few other subjects, so I don't bother to look at those threads! I find 'Games' relaxing and some of them keep the old grey matter active. Bearing in mind there's a plethora of threads to choose from what's the problem.? hmm

Gerispringer Thu 05-Apr-18 07:18:05

It’s not a problem, but there were about 15 of them in the active list and if you aren’t interested in them that’s quite a high %. If there were 15 different threads about knitting in the active list you might find it tedious scrolling through them, it easy to hide them so your active list has more of the chats and discussions or whatever it is you are interested in. If you are happy with them that’s fine.

bikergran Thu 05-Apr-18 07:20:42

I think games are one of those things that once you get into them they become addictive..I don't bother opening them so ive no idea if conversations go on in there or just the game play.

I think GN has changed so much now over the yrs lots of posters have dissapeared, I for one am now very guarded as to what I put on her, its a shame as now people who really wanted to pour their heart out and seek advice and help are now restrained in a way.

I am one of those that gnetters helped me when I was bereaved..they were all so supporting.

I still pop in and post odd things and still like my little fix of GN smile