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Own it ? !

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Bridgeit Wed 04-Apr-18 11:44:26

Tell me I am not alone in hating the new term ‘Own IT’
Just heard-it again on Breakfast TV.
So for those not in the know,this phrase is applied to every emotion, action, decision we express-
Example: I might say to a friend, I’m going to join a fitness class

The reply in new speak would be along the lines of
wow you go girl:- You Own It.

I want to shout ,No I Own my house , car , clothes whatever not words in a conversation grhhh!

Rachel711 Sun 08-Apr-18 09:04:35

How do you actually meaningfully use own it in a sentence though? What do you mean make it yours? I'm quite willing to say own it ad nauseam , until my family scream at me but in what context can it be used?
Does it mean it's ones own exclusive job and no one else's like (sadly) washing up?
Washing up- own it! means I do the washing up on my own?

Bridgeit Sun 08-Apr-18 09:40:40

Exactly Rachel17 it doesn’t really fit into a sentence Any thought, desire,opinion you have,
you are now encouraged to ‘Own it’
As in ‘you have a right to your opinion,’which I thought most of us knew anyway. I suppose it is ‘New speak’ for ‘your opinion’ however extreme that opinion may be, it is your right to ‘Own It’ presumably even if it’s offensive to others, all though there are laws which should prevent that aspect of it.

Rachel711 Sun 08-Apr-18 11:40:57

Thankyou for explaining it to me!

pollyperkins Wed 11-Apr-18 07:22:34

I also find it difficult to understand the phrase 'Own it'. It seems to be part of the 'me' culture - as in 'I need my space' or some 'me time' or 'I need to find myself'. My grandmother would have been horrified - to her the whole point of her life was to be stoical and do her duty.

lemongrove Wed 11-Apr-18 10:00:55

Rachel grin

Margs Wed 11-Apr-18 10:35:31

I cannot abide the phrase "it's a no-brainer!"