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Gerrmaine Greer’s dire opinions on the forthcoming Royal wedding

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Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 12:09:45

Did anyone else listen to the ridiculous opinions of Germaine Greer , (a woman I have previously admired.)on This Morning,
She Believes Meghan Merkle, will run for the hills after 5 yrs, that she has already made fashion faux pas, (really?)will never fit in or her family be accepted etc etc. I believed we were all past this personal criticism offensive rubbish. Why on earth does she think we would heed or need a sad old lady’s opinion & her excuse to have a bash at an inoffensive couple who should be allowed to get on with their lives just like everyone else, sounds like sour grapes to me! Gave her some air time I suppose !

paddyann Fri 04-May-18 12:17:03

but they're NOT getting on with their lives"like everyone else" are they? Everyone else isn't costing 30 million for security for ONE day or for the unending security bill for ever more ."Everyone else" doesn't expect to be applauded every time they walk out of the house or do some volunteering or have a baby or even have to cope with a death in their family ."everyone else" has to get on with life in the REAL world and WORK for what they have until they drop ...If they want to be treated like "everyone else" maybe they should try "everyone else's" lives !1

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 12:27:56

They are getting on with the life they have ,may be a lot different than ours, but they can’t all be unborn, I know people from all walks of life some rich & horrible some rich & nice , poor & pleasant and some poor & nasty & every combination in between, would you have them all put down at birth or wiped off the face of the earth , where would you stop, how would you judge ,what if your neighbor has a bit more or less better off than you. .?One could be generous one could be mean, Getting rid of the royals or anyone else who is rich & famous won’t solve the inequalities of life. how many times do we sit stuffing our faces whilst an picture of starving children pops up on the TV & do nothing ?

Situpstraight Fri 04-May-18 12:34:57

Paddyann you need some chips on your other shoulder before you fall over.

Iam64 Fri 04-May-18 12:42:53

Bridgeit, I agree with your response to paddynan's comments about the next RW.

As for Germaine Greer, I'd read her views in an article on the DM on line. I always found her a negative, cold individual even though I agreed with many of her views. I'm with her on her views on freedom of speech in universities. I hope Meghan and Harry will be very happy together and wish them well.

Anniebach Fri 04-May-18 12:48:36

I wish them happiness but have doubts the marriage will last unless Harry is content to always have a dominant wife, I think he may be . It is reported her siblings, aunts, uncles,cousins have not been invited to the wedding, only her parents , no idea if this is true or not.

Anniebach Fri 04-May-18 12:49:14

Calling Greer a sad old lady is unkind

gummybears Fri 04-May-18 12:56:33

I hope that they are happy together, honestly. I don’t think its possible to tell from the outside how well matched a couple are, especially if you don’t know them personally. William and Kate seem to have a sound marriage and I hope the same for Harry, as I do for anyone getting married. Divorce may be necessary for some folk, but I don’t think any young couple chooses to marry without expecting it to last.

I admit I am only really interested in her choice of dress though....!

jusnoneed Fri 04-May-18 13:00:43

I have always said I don't think it will last, I see a similar situation to Andrew and Fergy. I don't know much about her but what I have heard/seen I cannot see her liking being told what she has to do and where she has to go for very long, the novelty may soon wear off.

maryeliza54 Fri 04-May-18 13:04:00

Hear hear ab re ‘sad old lady’. People may or may not like her views but she’s been a very influential person - why did you have to be so unpleasant Brid? It would be perfectly possible to criticise her comments without the use of sad and old.

Anniebach Fri 04-May-18 13:06:24

Greer doesn’t wear rose tinted specs , never has

Oldwoman70 Fri 04-May-18 13:07:30

We none of us know this couple personally (at least that is what I am assuming) so how can we judge whether their marriage will last or not, how can Germaine Greer guess that "she will do a runner" (didn't Ms Greer do a runner herself?).

As for the cost of security at the wedding, like it or not, they are a target - what would the reaction be if there was no security and there was a terrorist attack killing hundreds of by-standers? I have little or no interest in the RF, but I wish Harry and Meghan a long and happy life together, as I would any couple.

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 13:07:48

Yes I agree Annibach, I should have said she sounded grumpy, & perhaps a bit bitter, spiteful.etc.
like I said earlier I have admirered her over the years & agreed with a lot she has said & stood for, so to me she did come across as a sad old lady who had found a subject to get her teeth into which IMHO was a bit beneath her , & her intelligence.

Elegran Fri 04-May-18 13:10:50

How do you know that they "expect to be applauded" all the time, Paddyann? Have they specifically asked you to applaud? Will someone hold up the "applaud" card as they walk down the aisle?

And do you really think such a high profile wedding could take place without security when the globe is full of people who would love to use the occasion to make an extravagant gesture of their grievances and take out some world leaders and celebrities with maximum publicity?

Stop sucking that lemon and be pleased that they have found each other. At the most cynical, it means two people fewer to entangle your grandson and granddaughter.

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 13:12:13

Maryeliza54. I apologise if you found my comments to be unpleasant. On a scale of comments I have had about myself & have read about others I didn’t think it was that bad especially after listening to Germaine’s comments on this topic & many other subjects , she certainly doesn’t pull her punches!!

merlotgran Fri 04-May-18 13:16:47

We expect those kind of comments from Germaine Greer as she's always been outspoken in her views. Nothing wrong with that. People might not agree with her but if they do, why shouldn't they?

I wish Harry and Meghan well but also have doubts. Many people thought Princess Grace of Monaco had a glamorous and fairy tale marriage until the truth came out after she died.

How many actresses accept a role for life?

Anniebach Fri 04-May-18 13:19:03

Bridgeit, she has done what she has always done, you claim she is bitter because you didn’t agree with her views ,yes? ?

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 13:24:31

I should also have said her comments did actually make me laugh as well, she has that unique & clever way with words & views that you can’t help but admire , whilst not necessarily agreeing with them .

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 13:28:22

No I was saying she was particularly vitriolic & clever, but on this occasion I did think she came across as 1,Sad, 2, Old,
Much like some of us including myself on GN

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 13:34:02

I don’t think I said Bitter ?But if any of you do get to hear it,I don’t think I have said anything remotely offensive in comparison to what she was saying about someone else.

Teetime Fri 04-May-18 13:49:20

I didn't hear Germaine Greer on this subject. I do like her writings and she has influenced my thinking when I was younger BUT she does love to shock and she hasn't been heard much lately so perhaps we should juts take what she says with a healthy dose of scepticism. Having said that and saying that I hope Prince Harry will be happy with Megan I juts have this feeling........ I am a bit witchy and have had such feelings/instincts before. I have watched the recent programmes and you cant help feeling the odds are stacked against them and Megan has a mountain of protocol to climb which I'm sure she will tackle but it doesn't look as though its going to come easily to her.

Teetime Fri 04-May-18 13:50:07

aarggg never can type 'JUST' sorry for the typos.

Anniebach Fri 04-May-18 13:51:13

Sorry but you did Bridgeit, - bit bitter, spiteful, etc.

Smileless2012 Fri 04-May-18 14:15:08

Gerrmaine Greer shooting from the hip, always has done and always will.

I don't always agree with her. Sometimes I agree with what she says but not always the way she says it. Can't help but like her though. More often than not she makes mesmile.

Bridgeit Fri 04-May-18 14:15:46

Not in OP ,but in a reply