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AIBU to expect a dining table?

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br0adwater Tue 03-Jul-18 07:53:50

I've hired a 'stunning apartment' for a week and there is no table to eat at or work at. The kitchen is big enough for a table and chairs so it's presumably been a conscious decision not to provide them. I've just had my breakfast cereal perched on my lap on a sofa. I plan to complain but honestly, AIBU?

Nellie17 Tue 03-Jul-18 08:12:21

No you are not!

Smileless2012 Tue 03-Jul-18 08:14:13

No, I don't think you're being unreasonable. How strange when there's room for a table but one hasn't been provided.

Greyduster Tue 03-Jul-18 08:15:14

I can’t imagine not having to sit down and eat. Was it not apparent from any photographs you saw before you booked it, or in the description of the property?

Brunette10 Tue 03-Jul-18 08:19:06

No, I would also expect somewhere to sit and eat/work. However think about it it maybe just be a certain generation who do expect this,do young ones not sit with their food on their knees????

annsixty Tue 03-Jul-18 08:27:29

Young ones who live in stunning apartments do not expect to eat in those apartments, they eat out.

br0adwater Tue 03-Jul-18 08:30:55

Yes Greyduster, I did check the photos and some do have a table so you just expect them all to. Looking more closely now I realise quite a few (including mine) don't -

of course once you are annoyed about one thing, others start to rankle. Why are there only 3 knives, forks and spoons and yet 15 glasses, 2 veg peelers and 7 bread knives!

Welshwife Tue 03-Jul-18 08:32:56

I assume there is not a breakfast bar with stools? I would hate not to have a table - three of us are sitting outside at a table eating breakfast as I write!

annsixty Tue 03-Jul-18 08:33:09

Sent too soon , young professionals of my acquaintance, when looking to buy or rent in suburbs around Manchester, are looking for the largest number of eating and drinking venues in a "village setting"..
These are of course in the most expensive areas.

hildajenniJ Tue 03-Jul-18 08:42:54

Add a review on Tripadvisor and mention the lack of a table and chairs. Have you checked out other reviews? I always do these days, before I book anything.
I also dislike balancing bowls and plates on my lap.

merlotgran Tue 03-Jul-18 08:47:10

Are you working or on holiday?

Teetime Tue 03-Jul-18 08:48:17

Oh that is disappointing I hate eating sitting on a sofa- cant digest properly.

GillT57 Tue 03-Jul-18 09:39:06

I can't digest properly either if I eat sitting on a sofa. I never do it, always at the table and so do my children. It helps that the table is in the centre of things so to speak, not a separate dining room. But, yes I do think you should comment on this, apart from being inconvenient, the owners will surely end up with milk/coffee/tea/curry stains on their upholstery?

Nonnie Tue 03-Jul-18 09:42:52

I agree. You can't do anything about it now buy you can put a review on every site you can think of so others know.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we can all check for this before booking now.

Greyduster Tue 03-Jul-18 10:10:09

We have had cottages with odd assortments of crockery and cutlery, but I preferred that to the one where the crockery and glassware was so expensive that we hardly dared use it. There was a list of eyewatering charges for breakages!

Bluegal Tue 03-Jul-18 18:08:11

For a week on holiday it wouldn't really bother me t.b.h. probably because I would eat out most of the time but you mention to 'work at'. What work are you planning? Is this a working break?

I've rented a lot of Air bnb places and they vary considerably as they are people's houses, but overall I've been really happy with them. Having said that, for me, it has only been a place to sleep rather than to live in.

Yes bring it up on Trip Advisor and may just help others who are thinking of booking.

Baggs Tue 03-Jul-18 18:24:41

Just wait till you get to the eating plateless generation. Less washing up is the argument and, it has to be said, it's mainly sandwiches (which keep wanting to be snadwiches) and cold sausage rolls.

alchemilla Tue 03-Jul-18 19:07:40

All the young people I know (under 30s, under 20s) want a table to eat at. However rents are so high in some areas that some flats/houses have bedrooms made out of sitting rooms and the kitchens are very small, so they don't have a chance.

Jalima1108 Tue 03-Jul-18 19:31:37

We move around from table to table in this house - kitchen, dining room, conservatory, garden.
We'd be lost without one.

Very strange. Remind me not to book there.

Jalima1108 Tue 03-Jul-18 19:31:55

ps we sound like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party grin

br0adwater Tue 03-Jul-18 20:15:00

Yes Hilda, I did read the reviews at and they are mostly glowing. I have now discovered the oven doesn't work. Have tried emailing and ringing the London-based management firm but no reply. It's Premier Inn for me next time. At least they don't pretend to provide an oven!

Doodle Tue 03-Jul-18 20:53:02

This happened to us once in a log cabin in the Lake District. There was a really low coffee table, far too low to eat from and nothing else. It was so difficult to eat anything.

Greyduster Tue 03-Jul-18 21:04:34

That’s it then, BrOadwater. Time to head for the Fat Cat grin!

grannyactivist Wed 04-Jul-18 01:42:51

br0adwater I have found that negative reviews I have posted on simply disappear never to be read again - as a consequence I never trust any of their reviews and only book places now that I can check with TripAdvisor.

And no, you most certainly are not being unreasonable to expect a dining table in an apartment!

notnecessarilywiser Wed 04-Jul-18 07:19:13

The descriptions of all the apartments in the link you posted include a dining table, OP, so it's obviously not a modern take on apartment living!