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Sickofweddingcake Thu 19-Jul-18 17:49:48

Good evening ladies...and gentlemen, of course!
I am a long time lurker. I think my username is 'Sickofweddingcake' which reflects for marriage...(having two marriages...and one engagement behind me).
What is the story regarding your user name?
Please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place. X

Greyduster Sun 29-Jul-18 13:42:58

A favourite fishing dry fly. Tiny but deadly - a bit like me grin.

pollyperkins Sun 29-Jul-18 18:12:47

Well I always imagined you weilding a grey duster as you did the housework! No idea there was a connection with fishing!

Willow500 Mon 30-Jul-18 17:47:01

Been Willow for ages in various places - when I joined here a couple of years ago it added the 500 - I noticed today there's a Willow10 now too.

Grammaretto Mon 30-Jul-18 19:23:13

Like others all the names I chose were already taken so I had to think of one quick. I am a bit of a pedant for spelling and grammar but also enjoy a drink, in moderation of course. I'm enjoying this thread smile

Daisyboots Tue 31-Jul-18 20:29:59

I was enrolling and had just seen an ad for wellie boots covered in daisies. Another choice would be Fag Ash Lil as no one would ever connect it to me as I have never smoked.

bikergran Tue 31-Jul-18 21:31:08

Cos I rode a motorbike and was a granny lol

But now I now don't ride a bike but am still a granny so maybe I should be biker gran doesn't quite have the same ring though.

Anniebach Tue 31-Jul-18 22:11:43

My name is half my full name and the bach my grandfather added on when I was a baby because it’s Welsh for small, sweet for a baby, but not when I became a 5’7” adult but it has stuck

Witzend Wed 01-Aug-18 09:25:51

Mine dates back years, to when I was beset by dementia in the family - it seemed entirely appropriate at the time.
Was too lazy to think of another when joining GN - one I use for a very different forum wouldn't have seemed suitable.

jenpax Wed 01-Aug-18 09:51:23

Mine is a mixture of my first name and the Latin word for what was my maiden name