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To find preache "friend" annoying?

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Luckygirl Wed 01-Aug-18 08:55:16

W e know a couple - he a doctor and she a vicar - whom we have known for many many years as we were both around in the local hospital during the house job years. We all continued to live in the area, but very rarely see anything of them now - we did when we lived nearer.

I have always found them mildly irritating in that they are somewhat condescending and self-absorbed. They see themselves as the golden couple and pillars of the community,

Two year ago we moved to our bungalow which is 2 minutes from their home. We have not seen them once in that time; they know life is difficult with my mobility and OH's PD. On the rare occasions we bump into each other they never ask after OH, which seems a bit odd.

So....there is a large and truly wonderful classical music festival going on in the nearest city this week and I have been top many concerts and am loving it.

I bumped into them there the other day - they said hello and chatted a bit - no how are you or how is OH? Fine. But then we came to a statue of a man stretching his arms into the air, and wife said: "I love this statue - it is wonderful. It just goes to show that whatever our circumstances we can reach up and achieve whatever we want to.....etc. " - all in this b****y preachy voice.

I had just left my OH in a bit of a pickle - anxious, shaky, needing help to pull up his trousers in the loo etc. etc., and I just thought "Oh F off! - you have no idea what our lives are like - how dare you preach to me!"

Am I just a miserable cow, or would this get up your wick as well?! So patronising!

Day6 Fri 03-Aug-18 14:38:55

Stansgran, two of my closest friends are Christians quietly active in the community. They give up time and effort and seek no reward, praise or attention. We mustn't forget that, and I like to think most actively religious people are exactly the same.

codfather Fri 03-Aug-18 19:58:47

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you don't have to make it yours! I would have let it brush over me! From time to time, I hear opinions I don't agree with but just ignore them unless there is a specific reason to challenge them.

As they're not part of your everyday life, what does it matter what they think? Walk away!

PECS Fri 03-Aug-18 20:21:38

codfather Butpeople will have different thresholds of a "specific reason to challenge" and this occasion was obviously one !