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Using AIBU for the second time!

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phoenix Mon 12-Nov-18 19:56:57

blush I do try to avoid it!

Anyway, sending usual good wishes to all.

I ordered 2 lampshades from that place that some don't approve of. They have arrived, are the right colour and size, but I can't put them on my lamps because they need a "gimble/gimbal" (take your pick on spelling) confused

Ok, so on re-reading the listing, it does say "needs gimble, available separately" .

But it doesn't say WHERE !!! The suppliers website says that they don't supply to the public, but if I provide my postcode, they can recommend a "local" supplier!

Bet their idea of local is Exeter, which for me is not exactly round the corner.

I have googled to try to find what I need, but no luck sad

So, I have a pile of cardboard, and 2 lamps still shadeless.

Was so looking forward to getting my lamps up and working..........

(Yes, it's a first world problem)

NoddingGanGan Tue 13-Nov-18 20:34:32

I'm reeling from the discovery that opening Phoenix's link results in a page from that company which has my daughter's name and our postcode on it.

DD is currently wetting herself with laughter trying to explain to me that it's only because she's signed into that company on my laptop.

I am feeling "Catweezled" (electrickery) and very, very old confused

MissAdventure Tue 13-Nov-18 22:41:39

Well, swivel me gimbals! (Said in a pirate voice)

phoenix Tue 13-Nov-18 23:33:01

Trisher & MissA grin

Hollydoilly10 Wed 14-Nov-18 09:53:14

I would send them back as not fit for the purpose and buy some elsewhere.