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Bouquet of flowers - light-hearted observation!

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vickymeldrew Fri 30-Nov-18 08:06:57

On the occasional times my DH gives me flowers, he brings them home and removes all the wrapping before plonking them in the nearest vase. AIBU to be disappointed as I would prefer to unwrap and arrange them myself?

Bellanonna Fri 30-Nov-18 08:14:45

I would like to be given them but for him then to plonk them in a vase. Thing is, I’d be happy for either of those events these days ☹️

SpringyChicken Fri 30-Nov-18 08:20:19

Why haven’t you told him you want to arrange them yourself, Vicky?

lemongrove Fri 30-Nov-18 08:30:46

You are not being unreasonable at all, but I am amazed that
Your DH does this, as mine happily presents them to me,but that’s as far as he goes, it’s up to me then to unwrap and trim and arrange in a vase.Looks as if you will have to thank him and then ask to arrange them yourself ‘for a change’.

janeainsworth Fri 30-Nov-18 08:48:48

Be grateful you get flowers.

sodapop Fri 30-Nov-18 08:50:46

I agree with janeainsworth enjoy your flowers and your husband's kindness,

GrannyGravy13 Fri 30-Nov-18 09:03:00

Enjoy your gift of flowers ??? The closest my Husband gets to buying me flowers is in whatever supermarket we happen to be in he says “are we buying flowers today” ??

J52 Fri 30-Nov-18 09:06:20

How lovely to be given flowers. I must admit that DH is well ‘trained’ in providing flowers.
Why don’t you refresh the water after a couple of days and do some rearranging at the same time.
Flowers last longer with no leaves under the water line and the stalks snipped.

Anniebach Fri 30-Nov-18 09:08:04

Enjoy the flowers, x

Bellanonna Fri 30-Nov-18 09:14:56

“We” ? GrannyGravy ?

Marelli Fri 30-Nov-18 09:23:36

DH has never bought me a bunch of flowers ?. However, in the Spring, he used to pick bunches of daffodils from the roadside and wrap them completely up in newspaper, so that his workmates didn't see them when he got back to the yard. He used to hand the parcel over to me fully wrapped like a fish supper!
He's a retired HGV driver. ?

merlotgran Fri 30-Nov-18 10:11:06

I hope he checks the wrapping paper and places it in the correct recycling bin. grin

Marelli Fri 30-Nov-18 10:28:16

Those were the days, Merlotgran ?. As he's no longer 'on the road', I get no flowers, but he's very good with the bins! Definitely a 'keeper'. ?

ffinnochio Fri 30-Nov-18 10:33:53

Love that Marelli ! The best gift of flowers are those picked from the verge.

Lisagran Fri 30-Nov-18 10:41:46

I’ve had a rubbish week, with a heavy cold and a chesty cough keeping me awake every night. Husband brought back some flowers yesterday which was a kind gesture. He plonked them, untrimmed, in the blue vase, which was fine. Today, I still don’t feel great, but I’m up and about - so I trimmed the flowers and put them in the pink jug. He won’t notice. I appreciate his kindness. I expect your husband thought he was doing you a favour, unwrapping and putting in a vase?
Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.....

Luckygirl Fri 30-Nov-18 13:24:41

Someone kindly sent me some flowers the other week via Waitrose. I did not realise they had this service. They are the best flowers I have ever received - absolutely beautiful: dark green foliage with huge white hydrangeas and off-white roses.

merlotgran Fri 30-Nov-18 13:35:43

When my mother was in a nursing home family members would visit with large bunches of flowers, grab the nearest vase and just shove them in. It used to infuriate me because I would then be the one stripping the lower leaves, trimming the stems and changing the water. If I didn't take the trouble, the water would soon be green and smelly and the flowers wouldn't last.

When I plucked up the courage to mention this to my sis-in-law she said, 'Oh but we want to spend our time talking to her and in any case we know how much you love flower arranging and you're so much better at it!' hmm angry

ninathenana Fri 30-Nov-18 16:47:17

DH does sometimes come home with flowers and I do realise how lucky I am but he will come in the back way, run some water in the kitchen sink and dump them there for me to find, which could be an hour or so later.
I am never actually presented with flowers.

callgirl1 Fri 30-Nov-18 16:52:34

I only got flowers twice in 53 years, would have been so pleased I wouldn`t have cared who put them in the vase!

WelshScot Fri 30-Nov-18 16:59:02

What is ABIU please?

Lynne59 Fri 30-Nov-18 16:59:48

At least he buys you flowers! I've been with my husband for 40 years (38 of them married), and he's got me flowers on 4 occasions!

Madgran77 Fri 30-Nov-18 17:58:33

How lovely to have flowers!

Tansy Fri 30-Nov-18 18:10:01

WelshScot - Am I Being Unreasonable?

blackiyto Fri 30-Nov-18 22:51:01

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Jomarie Fri 30-Nov-18 23:07:07

Can count on one hand the number of "bouquets" I have received from OH over the past 48 years but I did receive a pot plant each time I gave birth(3) - a chrysanthemum pot plant - not my favourite plant at all, but then I did have all three in August September and October - not many springlike plants available at the garage then!!!! It's the thought that counts .........................