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Bare - Down there, ?

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Bridgeit Mon 25-Feb-19 10:13:41

The trend seems to be to have hairless ladies bits, och
No easy way to achieve this except for when we become Gnetters, when they seem to disappear at a rate of knots?
On a serious note I hear a lot of young woman saying their ‘man’ likes it, which I find a bit troubling, ok if the ladies do it for their own reasons , but is their a unsavoury aspect to this particular fashion?

muffinthemoo Mon 25-Feb-19 10:51:11

Yeah, it comes from porn. There is now an expectation that women in person should look like women in porn because most kids/young lads are getting their first sexual exposure that way and so are very taken aback by something unexpected. They have also conditioned their sexual responses/tastes via the medium of porn so they often require particular things to start their engine, so to speak.

Porn is shot in HD now so the 'style' requires very meticulous grooming etc. The obvious reason for porn requiring the performers to be hairless is for a better view of the... mechanics, especially in close-up shots.

There is also a strong association between hairlessness and extreme youth in girls, and many mainstream 'men's interest' websites/magazines praise the look explicitly for that reason.

stella1949 Mon 25-Feb-19 10:56:31

Yes, it's porn unfortunately. Young men expect everything to be "bare down there" and so young women are going along with it, for fear of being rejected if they are not as expected.

It concerns me - not so much the hair situation, but the fact that these young people are growing up thinking that the activities on porn are "the norm", that everyone wants sex all the time and that nobody ever says "no". I really feel sorry for the kids who are influenced this way.

GrandmaKT Mon 25-Feb-19 11:00:54

Do male porn stars shave themselves too then? If so is it also young men who are shaving themselves 'down there'?

Bridgeit Mon 25-Feb-19 11:14:05

I don’t honestly know, but generally speaking the interest , commercially at least seems to be for the female form!
Woman don’t appear to have as much appetite for paying good money to look at men’s dangly bits hairy or not! ?

BlueBelle Mon 25-Feb-19 11:22:37

I think it’s to do with looking virginal and young ! Which is a dodgy way of looking at a WOMAN and I d be very concerned with a man who felt he ‘needed’ his girlfriend wife to look like a pre pubescent girl

yggdrasil Mon 25-Feb-19 11:55:42

Bridgit: there's plenty of free stuff and the professional guys are often shaven. grin

muffinthemoo Mon 25-Feb-19 12:12:26

A lot of guys trim very closely because it makes the total length look longer.

dragonfly46 Mon 25-Feb-19 12:18:25

You guys seem to know a lot about porn! wink

Alexa Mon 25-Feb-19 12:33:30

Muffin the Moo, and Stella, I applaud your disparagement of porn for the reasons you say. I do hope that this view as you state it is taught in schools.

sodapop Mon 25-Feb-19 13:02:06

Yes I agree BlueBelle a worrying trend. Some women shave for reasons of hygiene which I don't think necessary. Others are particularly hirsute and like to keep the area tidy when wearing swimsuits.

Farmor15 Mon 25-Feb-19 13:28:59

Interesting article in Guardian a couple of weeks ago
It refers to a GCSE biology textbook which illustrates (drawing) of pregnant woman with only a "landing strip" shock. (link in middle of article if you want to see it). If this is what school students are seeing as "normal" it's a worrying trend. Publishers have since apologised.

agnurse Mon 25-Feb-19 13:32:19

One of the major concerns with shaving or waxing down there is the risk of infection. Pubic hair is designed to have a protective function. If you're removing that, you're getting less protection. Not to mention that shaving or waxing can cause injuries to delicate parts of the body. They may not be obvious at first, but even a tiny scratch can be the start of a nasty cellulitis, or soft tissue infection.

Iam64 Mon 25-Feb-19 13:39:08

Thanks for starting this thread Bridgeit. I find it disturbing that porn is so easily available and influential in influencing boys and girls expectations. I m disgusted that men seem to want their partners to look like pre pubescent girls.
My first child was born in 1972 when a full shave was the norm when you arrived in hospital in labour. It was said to be for reasons of hygiene, I hated being shaved and loathed the itchy mess as the hair grew back. I’ve never shaved I’d had a bikini wax since then, no problem with ordinary women’s hair.
The other thing about porn is the expectation young girls will engage in sexual activities they may find unpleasant, scary or painful.

RosieLeah Mon 25-Feb-19 13:59:37

I remember when I had my first baby in hospital and was shaved 'down there'. The other mothers complained that they looked like a plucked chicken! Hard to believe that women are now doing it because it's expected of them. I thought we were supposed to be more liberated these days.

harrigran Mon 25-Feb-19 18:45:23

Any man that made those kind of demands would be shown the door quick sharp.

Bridgeit Mon 25-Feb-19 18:54:32

Thank you Iam64, I find the normalisation of porn to our young people very worrying .
Whilst working at a school I was shocked that it was virtually impossible for staff to block porn from popping up on screen, purely because they could not keep up with the ever advancing technology

Chewbacca Mon 25-Feb-19 18:56:40

I'm in awe at muffin's knowledge of how porn films are shot! grin

Telly Mon 25-Feb-19 18:57:00

Well, Gnet informative as usual! Who knew?

Mycatisahacker Mon 25-Feb-19 19:27:36

Well I am 55 and have waxed down there since I was 30s as I think hairs all over are unnatracrive but that’s just my view of me nothing to do with porn or my dh.

I think it’s just part of the trend now days to have beauty treatments and online trends rather than porn.

Young Man tend to twim wax and shave too.

Not sure it’s that sinister it’s just fashion.

Mind you seems funny to me that lady gardens and men’s gardens are waxed and clipped while it’s the trend for men to have beards and girls to have huge slug eyebrows! wink

My teenage day it was pencil thin eyebrows and clean shaven men.

It’s still body hair but redistribution ‘ wink

muffinthemoo Mon 25-Feb-19 21:03:07

I assure you, I do not get this knowledge from consuming it.

I don't have those sort of politics, I'm afraid, fashionable as they have become.

MissAdventure Mon 25-Feb-19 21:13:51

I'm all for the natural look, everywhere.
Shaved bits always get ingrown hairs and pimples, from what I've seen.
Well, not 'seen' as such, but articles and videos about hair removal.

Sophiesox Mon 25-Feb-19 21:19:23

I’ve read that a backlash against this trend has been started by a lot of young women (not before time!)

Rufus2 Tue 26-Feb-19 10:32:05

A lot of guys trim very closely because it makes the total length look longer
Muffinthemoo: How many guys have you hob-knobbed with then? Never trimmed so I can't confirm your observations. grin
Actually this thread came up at an opportune moment ; I was talking to a chap recently who had replied to a job advert asking for interested persons to apply for jobs as "meticulous groomers" to work for a modelling agency. He had a successful interview and the interviewer said, your in, and here's your rail pass to Ballarat. ( a small country town about 80k North of Melb.) The chap asked "why do I have to go to ***Ballarat"? The reply was "that's the end of the queue!"

Remember Victor Meldrew in hospital for a procedure when a "Nutter" enters his room, wearing a white doctor's coat and carrying a cut-throat razor? He then proceeds to shave Victor's "nether region", carefully moving Vic's appendage from side to side as he shaved. It was a scream, beautifully acted and even had me squirming in my chair. Needless to say, two other gents in white coats came and removed the "Nutter". They don't write comedy like that anymore! sad

sroge Wed 27-Feb-19 22:12:46

Men don't seem to have hairy chests these day either. Don't get that personally - why shave off something that makes them look masculine? Think the overall trend is for any body hair to be shaved off!