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To think that GN would be better moderated by older people?

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trisher Mon 04-Mar-19 13:18:59

I have spent a lifetime in political debate and other discussions. I think one of the requirements of such discussions is a certain robustness and an ability to use language. But GN is apparently moderated by the snowflake generation who see anything posted that is reported by anyone as controversial, and although they can't delete it, because it doesn't contravene the guidelines, they send out warnings. I think older people moderating the site would do so with more flexibility and less response to those who constantly report. I have had many accusations thrown at me about my politics which I haven't and won't report. So let's have some older moderators on this site who won't find controversial posts threatening.

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:48:18

What is Doxing?

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:51:32

Well, someone made an offensive and entirely untrue post about me a while ago and I did complain - most vociferously! - but the moderators said it was not against guidelines - goodness knows why!
It was vile and nasty and will be out there for ever now - probably cleverly worded so that it did not breach guidelines.

Perhaps it depends who's on at the time.

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:51:49

I could sue for libel …..

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:53:52

as long as threads don't become spiteful and personal.
That's the bottom line - attack the view, the post, not the poster.

Gonegirl Mon 04-Mar-19 18:00:27

Perhaps it is younger members of the team that do the moderating, and they think they need to protect the dear old grannies.


notanan2 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:11:20

Doxing is where you match someones username to their real life name and address/workplace and other social media accounts and publish the lot online or send all posts to their employer, that sort of thing. Easier done than you might think.

RosieLeah Mon 04-Mar-19 18:11:58

Attitudes have changed. In the past, we were able to express certain views which are considered offensive these days. It can be difficult for older people to understand just what the problem is. When I was young every home had a 'pouffe', but now that word is considered derogatory. We have to think twice before we open our mouths these days. 'Snowflake' is no worse than 'wimp'...which is what we used to call anyone who was a 'ninny' !

janeainsworth Mon 04-Mar-19 18:17:06

Snowflake' is no worse than 'wimp'...which is what we used to call anyone who was a 'ninny'

Maybe, rosie.
But to use any of those terms to stereotype an entire generation as the OP did, is unpleasant to say the least.

notanan2 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:18:27

Its perfectly fine to call a foot stool or talc applicator a pouffe. Its only offensive if you have been using it in a derogatory context in which case its the context/intent which is the problem and if you arent being nasty to/about others that particular issue wont crop up.

Its really not that hard.

And the "certain things" that are hurtful now were hurtful then... the change in whether being hurtful to certain groups is acceptable or not will only affect you if you being hurtful in the first place....

notanan2 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:19:59

ANY WORD used with intent to belittle a group is an offensive word. Doesnt matter what the word is. Its NOT hard to keep up, just stop using malicious generalisations and you'll be fine!

MissAdventure Mon 04-Mar-19 18:24:12

I'm not at all frightened off by controversial views, but I strongly object to being told I must have a sad life (particularly in the weeks after a bereavement) by members who have nothing better to do than be unpleasant, and try to turn every comment into a full scale argument.
I don't think that particular member is here anymore.

RosieLeah Mon 04-Mar-19 18:26:31

notanan, in that case, 'snowflake' is appropriate. What sort of generation are we producing which can't cope with a little insult? Life is not all sweetness and light, but the modern trend is for everyone to see themselves as a victim. Self-pity is being encouraged, children are being taught that they have mental health problems, when they actually have emotional problems (not the same thing). Young people are committing suicide because they can't cope with life's problems. You all have grand children, are you not concerned about how they are being influenced?

notanan2 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:28:43

Nah, being nasty was always being nasty. Nothing to do with fragile recipients. Hurtful people hurting others is nothing new. The words might have changed but the intent and effect have not.

MissAdventure Mon 04-Mar-19 18:29:49

Why on earth is there any need whatsoever to insult a stranger on a chat based site??!
What on earth could they have possibly done that necessitates that?

notanan2 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:31:30

Apparently it builds character and resilience MissAdventure!

(Spoiler: it doesnt. It has the opposite effect. There is no greater good/purpose to being mean)

PECS Mon 04-Mar-19 21:03:17

Well I would report any post that was racist or encouraging hate or dangerous action.
That I think is what any decent person ought to do.
If a person is spiteful I might comment on the thread.
I try hard to not to get personal..though I am not always successful... & always try to argue a point not with a person.

notentirelyallhere Tue 05-Mar-19 09:31:19

Notanan I think you've hit the nail on the head. I have seen comments that were clearly intended to be nasty. I also think being expected to watch our language and consider others is about respect, not about creating victims. There have always been fragile people. Sometimes that's an aspect of personality but often it's because of some kind of disadvantage. Someone may come from a disadvantaged family, be of a different racial group, have different sexuality, have been raped or abused, be autistic or illiterate. Yes, life is not easy but those I have listed are not helped in life by the ready array of insults which can be hurled at them, be it pouffe, bastard, darkie, stupid etc etc. That's the point, we cannot know someone else's life experience and to label someone a snowflake is both more of the same and careless to boot.
I sometimes think those of the tough it out brigade are probably hiding their own hurts because it's easier to 'hand on misery from man to man' than to look inside and recognise how we ourselves have been hurt.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 05-Mar-19 09:33:08


I have met Cari at one of the Edinburgh meet-ups and she is very far from being a ‘snowflake’ ??

grin grin It is fair to say that I am very much of Gransnet age!

trisher Tue 05-Mar-19 10:11:04

I used "snowflake" because it seemed a term that covered in a couple of words much of what I wanted to say about the moderation on GN. That it leans always to conservatism (with a small 'c') and indeed restricts discussion so much that the political threads have in fact totally collapsed. This has been a combination of people leaving GN, people who don't report because they feel discussion should be more robust and GNHQ's moderators who always err on the side of caution. So what is left is a lot of repetitive posts which could probably be deleted, but which those of us who believe in freedom of discussion don't report because we have principles and stick to them. It would have made the OP far too long if I had said all of this. But there's the explanation.
As for older people. I do think many of us are less susceptible to complaints and are prepared to say 'No' if something is not what someone has alleged. What happens on GN is it seems the poster is 'warned".
Cari you may be GN age (incidently what is that? I have met Grans in their 30s) but I doubt that the majority of moderators covering GN are.

notentirelyallhere Tue 05-Mar-19 12:32:08

I can't imagine what you want to say Trisher that you think you're not allowed to. I stay away from the political threads because they're so nasty and often underhanded with it, the current thread welcoming Brexit is a good example. I've been involved in politics and people can certainly get hot under the collar with those of a different opinion but that doesn't make it right.
From what I've seen and experienced, the GN moderators do a good job of steering between opinion and insults. Being rude isn't robust, it's rudeness.

trisher Tue 05-Mar-19 12:41:42

notentirelyallhere I agree that some of the posts on the politics threads may be regarded as nasty, but the point is I don't report them because I believe in free speech, whereas others do report things and get them deleted and even get people issued with warnings because they don't breech the guidelines. The point is that what this results in is moderation by offense reporting, which means that if you disagree with something report it, and the poster will be warned off, whereas others can post anything. It's why the politics threads become repetetive statements made by the same posters. I would tell you what I said but that would be cross threading which is a GN offense.

POGS Tue 05-Mar-19 12:57:43

I have always said I dislike threads and posts being deleted as I believe ' If you say it you own it ' .

I think deleting posts actually ' aids and abets ' a poster to get out of what they said and other posters cannot make their own informed opinion of what was said.

I prefer to have the opportunity to respond to a poster that I may think has been personal or has crossed the line rather than GNHQ think on my behalf whether the post was personal / Against Forum Guidelines or not. I find the term '' Against Forum Guidelines ' is in the eye of the beholder and at times I think a post remaining on a thread is worse than one that has been removed .

I do however accept that GNHQ has a difficult job to try and get it right .

trisher Tue 05-Mar-19 13:55:26

Oh POGS I knew there was something we could agree about. It seems strange but thanks for a great post. smile

notentirelyallhere Tue 05-Mar-19 14:38:17

Thanks for explaining that, Trisher, I hadn't understood that people complaining could get posts deleted. I agree with you in that case and it makes a bit of a nonsense of moderating and guidelines. I quite like having moderators because I have always thought that they kept the lid on the worst offenders. I suppose they feel that they can't comment but I'd like to know what the moderators themselves think.

Anniebach Tue 05-Mar-19 14:48:14

Age has nothing to do with moderating a forum, there are bullies and offensive people in all ages, there are the opposite in all ages .