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Skirts or trousers?

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SuzyP2 Tue 05-Mar-19 22:04:43

Is it me?
Most of my friends of my age (66) all say nobody of our age wear skirts any more, and most don't own one.
I wear trousers but prefer a nice knee length skirt, tights and ankle boots. Feels much more feminine than trousers or jeans.

TwiceAsNice Wed 06-Mar-19 07:40:37

I wear dresses to work with opaque tights in winter none in summer. Rest of the week it’s jeggings and tops socks and boots. A mixture of dresses skirts cropped trousers or shorts in summer although only wear shorts on the beach or in the garden. I am quite tall and have slim legs so feel I can wear what I want . I’m nearly 66

Anja Wed 06-Mar-19 07:41:10

I live in jeans mainly. I do however envy the Asian grannies I see on the school pick up in summer. Those lovely loose trousers and long tops look so colourful, cool and elegant.

Gettingitrightoneday Wed 06-Mar-19 07:45:04

I rarely wear skirts . For choir concerts if its warm .
Trousers of whatever sort are easier.

DoraMarr Wed 06-Mar-19 07:50:27

I will be 70 soon (what?!) and I don’t own a skirt. I wear jeans and trousers, but mostly I wear dresses- with thick tights or leggings in winter, and bare legs in spring/ summer. I wear longer dresses in summer, to about mid- calf. I don’t wear heels any more- it’s flat ankle boots, trainers or pumps. I like Toast and Cos for dresses, and Whistles for jeans. Inspired by Villanelle’s Dreis van Noten trouser suit in, er, “Villanelle”, I bought a bright blue trouser suit from M&S, and I have a linen one for the summer. I’m a 14/16 and 5’7”, so no sylph, but I love clothes!

JackyB Wed 06-Mar-19 08:07:05

I still have a couple of skirts but as I am short and fat I don't like the look of the way they hang. I call it the "pillar box" effect, as it makes you look cylindrical - the skirt goes over the tum and then hangs down miles in front of your knees. Trousers with a wide, long, loose blouse over them is the only way I can camouflage it.

littleflo Wed 06-Mar-19 08:32:14

I don’t own a dress or a skirt. I wear jeans and trousers with elastic waists. I need to get to the loo quickly and don’t always have time to faff about with zips and buttons.?‍♂️?

littleflo Wed 06-Mar-19 08:32:56

Don’t know where those two little ladies came from.

sodapop Wed 06-Mar-19 08:43:56

I have unsightly veins in one leg so wear trousers all the time or jeans. I keep thinking I could wear a skirt and thick tights in the winter but never seem to get round to it. I never wear shorts or a swimsuit now.

Oldandverygrey Wed 06-Mar-19 08:44:49

I don't own any skirts.

wildswan16 Wed 06-Mar-19 08:58:50

If I had a car I would probably wear skirts more often. But if you have to stand at windy bus stops, and walk into freezing wind, then skirts are impractical.

Mainly I wear jeans - straight leg, dark navy, with ankle boots. I have noticed that there are very few simple Aline skirts in the shops. They all have frilly bits, or uneven hem lines that hang below your coat and look silly.

Willow500 Wed 06-Mar-19 09:05:31

I seem to be living in thermal leggings and long tops/chunky knits these days. I do have a couple of skirts which I wear with thick tights and loose floral trousers and dresses for summer. I'm always cold so thin trousers in winter don't work for me and I don't like to wear tights under them. I love my jeans but they seem to have shrunk since I got fatter grin

Urmstongran Wed 06-Mar-19 09:21:52

Leggings /jeans with tunics in this weather with boots or brogues. Knee length dresses with bare legs and sandals in the summer or crops with a top. I’m tall so have to check hem lengths of dresses in the summer!

Fennel Wed 06-Mar-19 09:34:44

I wear mostly skirts now. I have a few that I made ages ago.
This is a good book -

FlexibleFriend Wed 06-Mar-19 09:56:58

I've always loved trousers, jeans,shorts etc and haven't owned a skirt for at least 10 years. I wear what I want I'm a size 12 and look fine in both just prefer the freedom of trousers.

Theoddbird Wed 06-Mar-19 10:01:11

I wear linen arty style tunics that come to my calf most of the time. So comfortable to wear in winter and summer. I am soon to hit 68. I do have a calf length beige skirt I wear with uniform polo shirt at work and jeans for when I am doing work on my boat home.

henetha Wed 06-Mar-19 10:07:05

Trousers or jeans 95% of the time. So much more comfortable than skirts.
But I do like a summer dress in hot weather or if going out somewhere nice.

Aepgirl Wed 06-Mar-19 10:09:41

I wear trousers most of the time, but really like wearing skirts - if only there were more available! I also like wearing dresses, which I find are much more easy to find in shops.

GrandmaPam Wed 06-Mar-19 10:17:13

Well something happened to my legs when I turned 60; I don't know whose they are, but they're not mine. Trousers for me (and jeans) grin

Nannyxthree Wed 06-Mar-19 10:17:20

Always wore skirts for work but now mostly in jeans or trousers. I do like a change occasionally especially in hot weather when a floaty dress is ideal.
I envy the Asian womens' jewel coloured clothes too, but can't wear the reds and golds with my pale colouring - blues and greens are possible though.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Mar-19 10:24:59

I am short with skinny legs and big
Boobies’!! I like skinny jeans and tops or skirts and dresses (knee length) with opaque tights and pixie boots in winter.

Summer is long dresses/skirts or cut
offs with tops. Once legs are tanned I am happy with Knee length dresses.

Carolina55 Wed 06-Mar-19 10:25:12

I’ve worn trousers out of choice for the last 25 years including uniform at work where we could choose them or a skirt.

However since I retired 2 years ago I socialise a lot more and often choose a frock for lunches or dinners as I love the feeling of making an effort - for myself and for the occasion and others. Don’t actually own a skirt as I prefer the longer smoother line a dress gives when you’re on the short end of the scale!

Greciangirl Wed 06-Mar-19 10:31:38

I always wear jeans, leggings.

The only time I wear skirts or dresses is if the weather is hot.
And it has to be very warm before I even contemplate a skirt. Foreign holidays always skirts and shorts. Nice dress for the evening maybe.
This climate is too cold for bare legs. Brrrrr.

GabriellaG54 Wed 06-Mar-19 10:34:42

M&S have them as do Warehouse and H&M to name but 3.
I have been on these sites and M&S shop this last week and can confirm that they have the type you are after. Some in jersey, some in a lightweight tweed and some in a cotton mix.
Good hunting.

MiniMoon Wed 06-Mar-19 10:38:25

I usually wear jeans or jeggings. I have some very pretty tunic tops that go really well with my black jeggings.
All winter I have been looking for an ankle length skirt to wear with my boots, all to no avail. I wanted a tweed or other warm fabric, but all I could find was clingy jersey.
I do own a couple of full length skirts, but they are in my summer wardrobe.

David1968 Wed 06-Mar-19 10:39:10

Jusnoneed, I'm a larger size and I wear, trousers, jeans, leggings, or (weather permitting) Capri trousers. All with long tops. I think these look neat and appropriate - and for me they are much easier "to wear" than anything else! I do own two skirts and a dress but these are rarely worn. (I sometimes wear a skirt in hot weather when I can go without tights.)