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Skirts or trousers?

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SuzyP2 Tue 05-Mar-19 22:04:43

Is it me?
Most of my friends of my age (66) all say nobody of our age wear skirts any more, and most don't own one.
I wear trousers but prefer a nice knee length skirt, tights and ankle boots. Feels much more feminine than trousers or jeans.

NannyHill Wed 06-Mar-19 21:25:55

I would like to wear dresses or skirts but my wardrobe is full of trousers.

Bought a dress for Christmas and only worn once.

Saetana Wed 06-Mar-19 22:44:19

Last time I wore a skirt was for my sister's wedding back in 2002 - and it was a mini (I was 32 at the time). I love my trousers and am even prone to a bit of "manspreading" - once you realise there is no chance of anyone seeing your undies, the freedom is amazing grin

Qwerty Wed 06-Mar-19 23:44:15

Denim trousers and skirts with 40, 60 or 80 denier black tights for warmth as they don't show "mess" and are practical with grandchildren. Skirts, or occasionally dresses, as I don't find them as comfortable, for going out, but preferably with boots to support my ankles.

Witzend Thu 07-Mar-19 08:30:44

I haven't worn a dress since a dd's wedding in summer 2015. Nor the v nice shoes that went with it. Shame really since it was a nice, simple, non-mother-of-the-bride thing, and it took me ages to find anything I liked that wasn't too short or sleeveless. Even the John Lewis personal shopper couldn't find me anything suitable for a wedding that was going to be largely outdoors and v likely hot.

I virtually live in jeans/leggings in winter and cool cotton or linen trousers in summer. Both can be dressed up a bit if needed - I never go to 'dressy' do's - never need to, thank goodness.

JackyB Thu 07-Mar-19 08:37:43

My mother (99) hasn't worn a skirt or a dress for yonks.

Gettingitrightoneday Thu 07-Mar-19 08:40:00

It seems clear on this rather unscientific survey that trousers are preferred.

Nanny27 Thu 07-Mar-19 10:27:09

Chuckling here at the image of chewbaca striding along clasping her tights. Brilliant!

Badenkate Thu 07-Mar-19 10:34:26

I wouldn't like to inflict the sight of my legs on anyone. I remember my sister looking at me, sighing, and saying 'I see you inherited mum's legs as well sad

Alexa Thu 07-Mar-19 12:01:16

I am short and dumpy so my silhouette is improved by something narrow on my lower body . I loved skirts when I still had a nice waist but those days are gone.

Also like leggings but they too are out, as the silhouette contrast between little thin legs hanging down below my dumpy torso does not please me. So I wear trousers below a tunic or dress and choose some fabric (such as denim) which is not too fuddy duddy.

Jallenrix Thu 07-Mar-19 17:55:34

My mother is 72; I am 47. Trousers inside or for casual outings, skirts for dressing up. Though, I live in the Midwest US and it was too cold for skirts this winter!

SparklyGrandma Fri 08-Mar-19 03:18:03

I wear warm below knee skirts, with thermal tights and flat smart shoes. I am apple shaped, so droopy trousers are not a good look in winter.

BUT the return of the wide legged legging with a wide comfy waistband, I wear also, with black trainers. They are so comfy.
Thermals on under all outfits until the weather warms up. When I wear summer dresses bare legged if the weather allows it.

GabriellaG54 Fri 08-Mar-19 19:08:37

I went into town today and on the way, noted that a fair number of 'older granny aged' women were dressed in long shapeless skirts, mid-calf or longer, with tunic style shapeless tops or jumpers under boxy shapeless dull coloured jackets and flat shoes or boots.
Why why why? No attempt at style whatever.

MissAdventure Fri 08-Mar-19 19:21:23

Perhaps they aren't interested?
I'm not bothered myself, really.
As long as I can still get something on, i'll wear it.
I've been compared to a bag lady a couple of times. smile

Chewbacca Fri 08-Mar-19 19:46:19

Agreed MissA, the older I get, the less fussed I am. I used to put full makeup on every day, whether I was going out to work or shop or not. Now I only wear makeup on the couple of days I'm actually in the office. And I'm getting to the point where I can't be bothered to do that!

Far more important things to bother about.

GabriellaG54 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:34:24

I see your point MissAdventure. Comfort is very important. Perhaps they'd been to a coffee morning as there were a huddle of them by a meeting hall in Godalming, nevertheless, they all looked practically identical.
I must say that M&S has extended it's bra range to include...ahem....larger sizes ? and they're very pretty indeed. While waiting in the foyer for a friend, I looked at the labels on the workwear/business section. Various blazers made in Vietnam, shirts/blouses, plain and striped, made in Sri Lanka. Nothing I looked at was made outside Asia.
I later shopped in Primark and they've upped their game with maxi wrap dresses in beautifully floaty feminine prints and more choice than ever...and it's not the largest store by a long chalk. I've had to buy more hangers shockgrin
Time for a clear out.

annep1 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:43:51

I suppose its an individual thing really. We are all different.
I still care about what I wear. And I like to buy some new styles every year. I have told my daughter she has permission to access my account and buy me new clothes if she ever sees me wearing dowdy anoraks or suchlike.
I think some older people see no point in buying clothes if what they have is still good, regardless of whether it looks outdated or not.