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Have we reached that ‘useful but irritating age’?

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Ohmother Sun 26-May-19 08:01:03

Took the young teenage GSs out for the whole day yesterday, spoilt them and babysat them and an extra friend last night.

I’m at the age where I need to get up and have a cuppa at 6am. I was followed down by my DH and so made toast. We were whispering to each other. Then daughter appeared to say they could hear us upstairs we had to remember to be quiet! FGS!!!

I wanted to leave early to continue a project at home but ‘surely you can’t go and not say good bye to the GSs?’ Are these the same grandsons we couldn’t get out of their pits yesterday morning to take for breakfast?

DH has taken the dogs for a walk and I went back to my bedroom. Then I thought BGR IT!!! I’m at the age where I’ve become useful but irritating!

Peonyrose Fri 07-Jun-19 17:06:01

That's interesting Dianahmo, it never occurred to me that my gc didn't visit often now as they are either working or at university, I do tend to fuss over them as its so nice to see them on the odd occasion that I do, I will try to pull back. It is hard when you have been a big part of their lives and living on my own it's such a treat to have the house with them in it.