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Wimbledon, BBC, taking the....

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phoenix Sat 06-Jul-19 20:45:56

I don't mind a bit of tennis, but right now, as I type the same match is being shown on both BBC 1 AND 2!

(And there's grunting/sighing)

As a licence fee payer, who would like to watch Casualty, I'm feeling pretty pissed off angry

Bathsheba Sat 06-Jul-19 20:48:44

Hmm, that's just not cricket is it?

Thebeeb Sat 06-Jul-19 20:49:50

Me too Phoenix. Knew it would happen always does.

kathsue Sat 06-Jul-19 20:50:15

Me too. I've just been swearing at the TV. Now watching recording of last nights Gardeners world.

Gran2028 Sat 06-Jul-19 20:51:32

That is only for a moment to update viewers on both channels.. now two different matches..


harrigran Sat 06-Jul-19 20:52:40

I hate tennis, why take off established programmes for some minor players ?

phoenix Sat 06-Jul-19 20:53:36

It's bloody well not on!

And why does the the chap in the back to front baseball cap keep saying what sounds like "wumpty ley ah"

Gran2028 Sat 06-Jul-19 20:57:18

Casualty is far removed from reality it is farcical..
Months of football.. months of cricket.. two weeks of tennis..
Get over yourselves...

kittylester Sat 06-Jul-19 20:57:30

That has been making me laugh since the match started though I am getting pigged off now!

chelseababy Sat 06-Jul-19 20:58:13

It's on the red button so doesn't need to be on two channels.

kittylester Sat 06-Jul-19 20:58:40

Obvs that's to * phienix*.

phoenix Sat 06-Jul-19 20:59:34

Gran2028 the same match was on both channels for a damn sight longer than "a moment".

As stated, I quite like watching the odd bit of Wimbledon, but feel I should have a choice, and be able to watch the scheduled programmes.

kittylester Sat 06-Jul-19 20:59:39

Bloody hell, phoenix!!!!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 06-Jul-19 21:05:31

Yesterday they had the same match on BBC 1 and BBC 7 or whatever it is. Really! I wanted to see Top of the Pops from the eighties. No consideration, some people. grin

MiniMoon Sat 06-Jul-19 21:06:59

I can't understand why the BBC doesn't have a dedicated sport channel. Or, why don't they put all sporting events on the red button, then we'd have a choice as to whether to watch or not.
I don't watch Casualty, I'm watching the Voice Kids.

merlotgran Sat 06-Jul-19 21:08:52

Roll on Killing Eve.

Septimia Sat 06-Jul-19 21:14:11

I only watch Casualty occasionally these days and I like a bit of tennis.
But you can have too much of a good thing.

phoenix Sat 06-Jul-19 21:15:51

Gran2028 Casualty is far removed from reality it is farcical.

I dont give a flying fig (and that's the polite version) as to how real or not Casualty is, Mr P & I enjoy watching it.

And as for ^Months of football.. months of cricket.. two weeks of tennis..
Get over yourselves..^

For your information, this household does NOT watch and has no interest in football at all, cricket? well unless you have Sky then that's off.

As already stated, I quite enjoy tennis, but........

And as for "get over yourselves" how bloody rude! angry

Callistemon Sat 06-Jul-19 21:41:08

It was just a 'short intermission' while they shut the roof (takes ten minutes).

And it's only once a year
Unlike football which is never off tv.

This was live and Casualty is recorded, can be watched any time

Callistemon Sat 06-Jul-19 21:46:02

I don't understand why the BBC doesn't have a dedicated sports channel either, minimoon, they could fund one if they didn't employ all those overpaid sports presenters and got some competent, interesting new presenters instead.

And why do they keep showing rubbishy BBC3 programmes on BBC1?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 06-Jul-19 21:53:04

BBC has a sports channel, its pay to view!!!

I think it is free if you have BBC broadband/internet.

Alima Sat 06-Jul-19 21:54:56

I was waiting for Casualty to start too. (Removed from reality is ok by me, watch it for entertainment value not information Gran2028, what a weird comment). When the match they showed instead included a Brit I watched that for a bit instead. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in railing against some of the BBC scheduling mess ups. They are always in the right. End of.

fizzers Sat 06-Jul-19 22:07:24

Fgs it's a once a year event and you do have other channels to watch

NanKate Sat 06-Jul-19 22:10:40

Just love the tennis, but if there was wall to wall cricket I would complain. Only another week and normality will return.

I prescribe a large glass of something, a book, another channel or a temporary lover ?

Callistemon Sat 06-Jul-19 22:14:56

Tennis on the news now, just thought I'd mention it in case you're missing it