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Kupari45 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:35:55

AIBU to think that overweight ladies look absurd in leggings and short T shirts?
Just come home after shopping in local town. While waiting for the bus I couldnt help but notice how many ladies wear tight leggings and tight t shirts - some almost look naked- in fact one had pale pink leggings on and looked obscene.
Before some of you shoot me down in flames I will admit to being size 16- but I wear clothes that fit me.!
Apart from looking a mess - surely on a hot day tight polyester isnt very comfortable.
I thought leggings were supposed to be worn under "Tunic Tops"- but apparently not.
This is just an observation- but would be interested in your opinions.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:37:57

Kupari - am trying to drum up the courage to buy a pair of leggings, am now wondering if this is such a good idea!

RosieLeah Mon 12-Aug-19 16:38:28

This is something I mentioned on another site..perhaps you brought it up on there too?
These women always look to me as though they rushed out of the house and forgot to put their skirt on.

Gonegirl Mon 12-Aug-19 16:41:04

Oldandverygrey grin Get some nice ones from Marks and Sparks, and wear a t-shirt or blouse that covers your bum. They are useful togs.

Lilypops Mon 12-Aug-19 16:44:17

Hi am 71 a size 14/16 and I wear good leggings and a tunic top and I think I look ok , but I would never wear a short tshirt with leggings , In my opinion it looks awful , you can see the outline of their anatomy "down there" and with fat sausages legs it's just not a good look , You just have to look in the mirror first and check what you look lik before venturing out, clearly some don't.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:45:55

Thank you Gonegirl, anything that covers my bum is helpful!

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 16:47:10

You have to be very young and very slim to be able to wear a short top over leggings.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:53:56

Well that rules me out on both counts Monica!

Gemmag Mon 12-Aug-19 17:02:42

Fine if you’re a size 8/10, and not over 25. They must of course be black/ navy or else you can see what’s ‘down there’.

The little dress is much worse I think especially when it’s blowing a bit and you can see their knickers and their not even bending over. It’s not always a pretty sight😞.

gillybob Mon 12-Aug-19 17:04:19

I wear leggings and long tunic tops . Would never wear them with short tee shirts though .

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 17:08:47

oldandverygrey You can still wear leggings, with a big sweater, long shirt or tunic top, they really are very comfortable, it is the short top, especially if stretched over a less than svelte torso that is less than flattering.

dragonfly46 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:13:29

My DD is 41 and wears tight fitness gear most of the time and looks great. It is not the age but the size I think.

EllanVannin Mon 12-Aug-19 17:16:26

Humpty Dumpty springs to mind.

I've never bought/worn leggings but if we have a bad winter I'd buy them for wear under trousers instead of the thinner tights being that I can afford layers with my long thin legs.

rockgran Mon 12-Aug-19 17:23:34

I remember the "Max Wall" look from 1990 -it was comfortable but in my opinion not a good look then and even worse now!

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 17:41:59

That's ok Monica my comment was a bit tongue in cheek!

Grannyjay Mon 12-Aug-19 17:48:36

When they first came out, the material used was way more substantial but unfortunately profits come before quality. When they realise women/girls will wear them because they are comfortable they just eat and there is no tight waistband to restrict the volume they eat. They look a bit chavvy to me when worn with inappropriate t shirts.

arosebyanyothername Mon 12-Aug-19 17:51:48

I’ve grown to like leggings in recent years but always buy decent quality ones and wear tunics or long jumpers to cover my bum.
Pink leggings look horrendous!

tanith Mon 12-Aug-19 18:02:25

I have calf length leggings on today I hate the ankle length ones. I have a long short sleeve shirt on over them I do wear them to the gym with a long t-shirt. But otherwise only when I’m pottering round indoors it’s a bit chilly today otherwise it would be shorts.
Don’t like them on bigger ladies with short t-shirts especially if there is an overhanging tummy. Just look in the mirror please.

Septimia Mon 12-Aug-19 18:04:40

Fine with tunic tops. Otherwise can look pretty awful - and over-revealing!

FlexibleFriend Mon 12-Aug-19 19:00:51

My bum doesn't need covering it's very firm and where it should be. I used to wear leggings to the gym with a crop top when I could walk. The problem is bigger bodies with too much fat tend to wear insubstantial leggings rather than ones that would hold them in. It's not only a problem of size though a skinny saggy butt looks just as bad.

Pittcity Mon 12-Aug-19 19:06:33

I've got below knee leggings to wear with above knee dresses, mainly to protect others from my thighs.
The ankle length ones come out for colder weather with thigh length tops.
I like jeggings for comfort with shorter tops.

wildswan16 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:09:40

Even if you're slim, you need to cover your bum if over 25 and in leggings. Also the leggings need to be reasonably robust - some of them are barely thicker than a pair of 30 denier tights.

BlueBelle Mon 12-Aug-19 19:11:49

I like leggings but only with tunics or jumpers that cover not just the bum flexiblefriend but the front bit which can look terrible in leggings, camel toe and all

FlexibleFriend Mon 12-Aug-19 19:41:16

My front bit looks as good as my arse thanks, I don't wear cheap almost see through leggings though I wear quality ones. I've seen plenty of 25 year olds and younger with an arse that should be covered mine on the other hand looks damn fine as do many others.

GagaJo Mon 12-Aug-19 20:33:58

I think it's unkind to say slim women can wear short shirts with leggings but not fat. No one gets to make that choice for anyone else.

As women we should support and build each other up. Not divide into small groups and infight.

The world is hard enough for women without attacking each other and being unduly cruel and critical.