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Kupari45 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:35:55

AIBU to think that overweight ladies look absurd in leggings and short T shirts?
Just come home after shopping in local town. While waiting for the bus I couldnt help but notice how many ladies wear tight leggings and tight t shirts - some almost look naked- in fact one had pale pink leggings on and looked obscene.
Before some of you shoot me down in flames I will admit to being size 16- but I wear clothes that fit me.!
Apart from looking a mess - surely on a hot day tight polyester isnt very comfortable.
I thought leggings were supposed to be worn under "Tunic Tops"- but apparently not.
This is just an observation- but would be interested in your opinions.

crazyH Sat 17-Aug-19 10:44:06

Leggings under a longish tunic top are ok at our age. Actually , I look slimmer in them.....I must say I have skinny legs and am pearshaped - the tunic hides my sins.

Tricia55 Sat 17-Aug-19 10:49:36

Hi Jaye53 & Apricity,
Do people actually wear leggings with no underwear on, yeuck!
Now that has shocked me & here was I thinking I'm unshockable 🙄🤔

Hetty58 Sun 18-Aug-19 13:21:58

Tricia, I see no problem with that, as long as they're worn for one day only.

Hetty58 Sun 18-Aug-19 13:23:13

And as long as they are definitely NOT see-through!

Tigertooth Sun 18-Aug-19 21:08:35

Well said GagaJo

As women we should support and build each other up. Not divide into small groups and infight.

The world is hard enough for women without attacking each other and being unduly cruel and critical.

Why do women feel the need to attack other women? We should all wear whatever the hell we like! What a disappointing and frankly quite nasty thread.

GagaJo Sun 18-Aug-19 22:46:51

Thank you, Tigertooth, couldn't agree more.

annep1 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:52:34

So Tigertoothyou think its ok to wear leggings that show your body parts or your flowery knickers?? Or the line of your thong?
Is that what you're saying?

Day6 Sun 18-Aug-19 23:00:04

I thought leggings were supposed to be worn under "Tunic Tops"- but apparently not

Me too, and that's the only way I'll wear my opaque tights, leggings or skinny jeans.

I wear all three, but keep my apple-type torso covered and ensure all tops cover my ample bottom and padded thighs. (Size 16)

I too have been mesmerised by women wearing thin, stretchy leggings (often peach coloured) over a huge , wobbly backside. Yes, they are my sisters, but sometimes the "You go girl!" chant giving license to plump, nay, fat women, to show off wobbly flesh, isn't doing them any favours.

I wish I didn't care, but even if that were the case, I appreciate that skin-tight leggings on ample and maybe wobbly fat, ain't a good look. EVER.

M0nica Mon 19-Aug-19 08:29:01

If someone looks bad in something, surely drawing their attention to that fact and suggesting alternatives is a kindness.

I wish someone had told me early on, that as I have no waist, and never have that, even when one is a size 10/12, any clothes that belt at the waist are supremely unflattering, I have the photographs to prove it.

I know that now and no longer make that mistake, but I wish I had known it earlier.

Hetty58 Mon 19-Aug-19 16:37:07

I was very thin with big knees so when, as a teenager, I embraced the fashion for mini-skirts, my younger brother always called me 'Ostrich Legs' and laughed hysterically. Cruel, perhaps, but there was a grain of truth!

annep1 Mon 19-Aug-19 16:50:11

Tigertooth oui ou non?

PamelaJones Tue 03-Sep-19 00:53:13

I always think of this.

Sure, deck your limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance --
Have you seen yourself retreating. grin

Pittcity Tue 03-Sep-19 11:08:57

My leggings are on under a short dress today as the weather is getting cooler. Very practical for keeping warm.

Witzend Thu 05-Sep-19 07:54:50

The other day I saw a girl (large but not huge) wearing what looked like very thin black tights, certainly not leggings, with a waist length top.
Every ripple and wobble of her bottom was crystal clear for all the world to see.
Each to her own, but why on earth anyone wants to display all their rippling wobbles defeats me.

Hetty58 Thu 05-Sep-19 08:19:42

Witzend I too followed a larger lady in the supermarket and wondered if she knew or cared about what she displayed. A mass of cellulite was revealed in detail and highlighted by the figure-hugging qualities of the leggings (thick tights really).

LondonGranny Wed 18-Sep-19 18:10:12

I wear leggings a lot and think of them as long legged knickers (ie washed after a day's wear) in a very wide range of colours, I think viscose ones are the nicest. I avoid polyester as a bit sweaty. I always wear them with dresses though, more as if they're footless tights. I like below the knee or halfway down the calf length dresses.

I had to give up on trousers and jeans on the advice of my GP (a hiatus hernia). Her advice was sound.
To be honest broad-beamed women in leggings offend me far less than shirtless men with belly overhang and twinned with builder's bum.

The worst crime against clothing I ever saw was a young man in very low-slung jeans showing most of his white pants. Unfortunately he didn't know how to wipe his bottom properly so as I waited my turn at the Tesco checkout I was very aware of the skidmark which really showed against the whiteness of his underwear.

I am reminded, on the leggings debate, of Ogden Nash's poem.

Sure, deck your lower limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance–
Have you seen yourself retreating?

gallusquine Wed 18-Sep-19 19:30:33

Life for some young women is hard, unfair and difficult and sometimes survival is more important than couture.
Cut each other some slack

paddyann Wed 18-Sep-19 19:35:34

wouldn't it be nice if we were all perfect

LondonGranny Wed 18-Sep-19 19:38:59

note to self....
read previous posts so you don't repeat what PamelaJones said first!

Coolgran65 Wed 18-Sep-19 19:48:23

Like LondonGranny I wear leggings very often, mostly black, navy or grey. My legs have veins best kept hidden and so leggings worked very well with summer dresses that were knee level or mid calf. Some were linen and some were in a knitted jersey in the cacoon shape. Every one was V neck and short sleeve.

I go on holiday in a few weeks to the sunshine and with my summer tunics and dresses I'll be wearing leggings or linen trousers (or maxi dresses).

Doodledog Wed 18-Sep-19 20:04:09

Costco has some nice warm ones in just now. I got a pack of two (one black, one charcoal grey), and they are really comfy and look good under a long jumper or tunic.

If people are self-conscious about wearing them outdoors (I'm not), they are perfect for wearing round the house.

ForeverAutumn Sat 21-Sep-19 00:05:50

I really don't care, an overweight lady, or indeed any weight, can wear whatever they like as far as I am concerned. If they are happy, and confident, in how they look good for them, I do not expect them to criticize how I look either. They probably think I look very boring, it will not change my life. It is not a crime or of any consequence.

Evie64 Sat 21-Sep-19 00:44:46

I'm a "larger lady" but wouldn't be seen dead in my leggings and a short top. Fine with tunic tops or short dresses and so comfy. Sadly, I have to agree, seen too many very large bottoms (some obviously wearing thongs! Yuk!) and they really really shouldn't. Especially if the leggings are from Primarni and almost see through. Horrific! However, being a larger lady myself, I can't in all honesty be "fattist". I don't have the right.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Sep-19 03:42:28

I don’t think this thread is about fat shaming at all I have not read any posts that are nasty about larger gals or guys it’s simply a thread about clothes choices and fashion trends and I agree if you are larger you do have to dress according to your size and not every fashion trend suits a larger figure I have a very large close friend I ve never asked her but I imagine she’s probably around a size 22 /24 She dresses beautifully in clothes that suit her size and that doesn’t mean not fashionably but not all fashion suits every body you have to be aware of what enhances your body She doesn’t wear trousers or leggings but usually mid calf dresses or skirts with a longish top she has good fashion sense and always looks up to date and lovely

Rebellious Wed 25-Sep-19 19:32:22

Women should wear what they feel happy and comfortable with and we should use all the amazing ways available to us to point our eyes in a different direction if we don't like what we see.

We all have bikini bodies, a bikini body is a body with a bikini on it.