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To be fuming ?

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gillybob Tue 13-Aug-19 11:02:34


I take my elderly father shopping twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays as well as seeing to his other appointments etc. He is a creature of habit and for some reason once a week isn’t enough. I have done this for years. On top of this I look after my 4 DGC 2 days a week (including an overnight) which is fine when they are at school as I do the school runs and take my dad shopping with the baby in tow. The other 3-4 days of the week I am at work 9-5.

Today and tomorrow I have the 4 DGC on my own. I texted my father this morning to remind him that I wouldn’t be able to take him shopping as normal as I can’t fit everyone in the car and the older DGC wouldn’t want to trail around a supermarket today anyway. I told him I will try and take him tomorrow when DH gets back (he’s working away for a few days) .

The text I got back from my dad was..... oh I have had an invite out to lunch from your sister and her partner anyway so wouldn’t want to go shopping . Really? Oh yes they’re both on holiday this week. Well can you get them to take you for some shopping then?

Five minutes later a telephone call from my sister saying “we are taking dad out to lunch but won’t have time to take him shopping as we’re heading away for a few days later today”

So for once in a bloody blue moon she could have taken OUR dad for some shopping but no, her time is precious . Mine is obviously worthless and I am fuming.

Sorry about the rant.

Hetty58 Thu 15-Aug-19 18:41:45

You have taken on too much, gillybob, and now, naturally, you resent it. It's time for a rethink.

However, you have no right to dictate to your sister what her duties will be. You cannot make somebody else do things or expect her to become the doormat that you are.

I know this from experience as my sister tried it with me. She failed to realise that I had an entirely different relationship with our mother. My mother wanted her, not me, as 'slave' so it just didn't work!

JenniferEccles Fri 16-Aug-19 10:36:33

You sound absolutely shattered at times in your posts gillybob and no wonder with all you have to fit into each day, with your family and work.

You sound as if you badly need a break from all the demands on your time.

Is there any way you could get away for a little holiday, perhaps in September when the children are back at school?

I know you and your husband have your own business, but could you have maybe a short break in say a B and B down here in the south where the weather is better?

I know I am stating what you already know, but you must look after your mental health. I remember you once said how you sometimes walk on the beach and just cry. That is so sad.