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... to be annoyed I ruined the day by falling down the stairs :(

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jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 09:25:55

Still in Tuscany- a mixed weather day yesterday- but lovely and sunny this morn. Just had breakfast on patio then went upstairs to wash a couple of bits. Brought them down and told OH 'be careful washing is dripping and stairs slippery' and off I went '*rse of t*ts' good leg forwards and bad one staying up and twisted - the one with the previous injuries and very difficult knee replacement. So todays discovery trip is off - grrrr. Let's hope I have not done real damage sad

Urmstongran Mon 09-Sep-19 09:33:06

Oh jura2 what a thing to happen, after you’d just mentioned the slippery steps too! I hope you’re okay as the day goes on. Probably shaken up but hopefully not badly injured.

Luckygirl Mon 09-Sep-19 09:35:58

Oh dear - ouch! Hope it settles by itself and you can continue with your holiday.

dragonfly46 Mon 09-Sep-19 09:37:38

Jura2 I hope it is not as bad as you fear and mends quickly.

Nonnie Mon 09-Sep-19 09:39:29

Hope you are OK. could have been worse, perhaps your pride is the most hurt grin, hope so

GrannyGravy13 Mon 09-Sep-19 09:49:52

jura2 wishing you a speedy recovery ?

jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 09:53:17

ah grazie mille a tutte. It does not feel too bad and has not swollen. Leg up on stool with cushion and little Emma keeping me company. Everything crossed, well not the knee, of course. What an eeejit sad

sodapop Mon 09-Sep-19 10:04:54

I know how you feel jura2 so annoyed with yourself, I'm another one who doesn't listen to advice
Hope it's not too serious and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 11:00:27

a bit sore, but seems ok. Really thought I had done some real damage there - pheeew, with one leg down a few steps and the other, the 'bad' one, all twisted and up across the stairs. Let's hope, and thanks for good wishes. Mamma mia sad

Persistentdonor Mon 09-Sep-19 11:04:37

Definitely not unreasonable.
Very glad to know you seem to have avoided serious injury.
Hope it improves quick enough to enjoy the rest of your stay.

nanaK54 Mon 09-Sep-19 11:11:49

Oh ouch - poor you, kind thoughts and wishes for a complete and speedy recovery from me flowers

Sussexborn Mon 09-Sep-19 11:38:42

Alternate hot and cold compresses might help. OH can brush up on his nursing skills and look after you today. Frustrating when your holiday is disrupted.

We have five steps leading down to our front door. I was persuaded that half a glass of red wine for a toast wouldn’t matter (mixed with the controlled drugs I am prescribed for pain). I only drank half of it but I fell from the top step and whacked my head on the front door. Found out that the bottom half of the door is actually metal.

To qualify for the local Falls Clinic you must have three falls! One, however spectacular, doesn’t count.

Hope you aren’t in too much pain.

Fennel Mon 09-Sep-19 12:41:14

I know what you mean about being annoyed with yourself - one thoughtless step and that's me out of action for weeks.
I hope it's not as bad as you fear, Jura.
The last fall I had was going back into the house after an operation. Tripped over the curb. A few days later I had to return to hospital ( not because of the fall) and told a nurse. I asked for a bag of ice as my knee was sore, she said they don't use ice now, or support bandages etc.only rest.
I was surprised as I'd been taught RICE - Rest Ice Compress, Elevate.

Jane10 Mon 09-Sep-19 12:44:05

Ooyah Ooyah ooyah! Bet a fair few expletives rent the air. Hope your poor knees settle down OK.

sweetcakes Mon 09-Sep-19 12:48:13

Hello Jura2 I've just got back from piano Sorrento if you find when you go home that your having problems at the airport special assistance will help you. They were brilliant helping me getting on to the plane and off .
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 19:25:27

ah thanks all- sore but not swollen. Think I was very very lucky today - for once.

We went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping then rest and read in the sunshine. See how it goes tomorrow.

We came by car sweetcakes - not tooo far from Switzerland. In fact, exactly the same mileage to here and to our flat in the East Mids. Stopping for 2 nights in Verona, if all goes well, then over the Alps and home. Haven't been so frit for a VERY lond time, for sure.

jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 19:26:20

Jane, I was too shocked to swear ;)

Jane10 Mon 09-Sep-19 20:35:20

F**k me! Must have been bad!!

Lessismore Mon 09-Sep-19 20:38:05

Get it checked by a doc?

jura2 Mon 09-Sep-19 20:39:42

How do you say that in Italian, Jane?

Yes, it was very bad- good leg and head down and bad leg twisted and up a few stairs back. Just had a Naprosin and off to bed- I am amazed I didn't do serious damage. OH had to sort of de-twist and unfold me to get me off those stairs.

BradfordLass72 Mon 09-Sep-19 22:05:33

Jura2 That'll teach you to "wash your bits" when on holiday grin but at least you're in the right place for resting.

Glad it wasn't too serious - take it easy from now on!!

jura2 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:36:56

ah thanks - was totally fine this morning, so we went off to some amazing white tuffo rivers and pools - hot sulphur water at Bagni Filippo - did me the power of good and all fine.

Really thought I'd 'done it' this time- feels miraculous.

GillT57 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:51:55

Glad to hear you are recovering well from your dramatic fall Jura, now do as you tell others, and be careful! Enjoy the rest of your trip visit! I recommend a glass of local vino, a stool for your feet, and a good book. It works for me, whatever I have done grin

GrannyGravy13 Tue 10-Sep-19 20:14:46

GillT57 ditto ???

Auntieflo Wed 11-Sep-19 09:05:42

Jura2,.so glad to hear that no serious damage was done.
Except to your pride smile

As to the cure, I also second GillT57 suggestions.